Come January 2017 and it will be reportedly mandatory for every person doing a job in Australia on a 457 Visa with school age kids to give school charges.

South Australia (SA) will become the last state to stop schooling in the state run schools for the 457 Visa holders at no cost. For those not tuned in, the visa is one of the most common for the foreign labor force even as it enables them to proffer their professional services in the nation, on an impermanent ground, for a maximum period of four years.

Individually every Australian state has made a decision to ask the holders of the 457 Visa to make a handy contribution to the fee of the education of their kids. With the judgment by SA to introduce costs, it denotes that every state presently needs the payment.

The State Administration has reportedly substantiated that while the most recent law will become effective in SA for the freshly arrived families from January 2017, for every 457 Visa holders the same will come into force from January 2018.

The government will ask the parents to contribute 5,100 dollars for each primary student and 6,100 dollars for the high school students with the primary child giving the entire amount and a 10% money-off for every sibling.

Sharing more information on the subject a South Australia Government spokesperson reportedly stated that the money payable would be based on the specific family situations even as the payment would be made when a child or young person is registered in a school duly run by the administration.
The same allegedly signifies that a test would be utilized so that a family with one kid at school would not pay the full contribution rate until and unless the gross family proceeds hits the 77,000 dollar mark.
The threshold at which the highest charges are payable is boosted by 10,000 dollars for every added child. For instance, a family with three school aged kids would not pay the complete charges unless the gross family proceeds are 97,000 dollar per year or above.

The spokesperson reportedly elucidated that different payment plans will be provided, comprising a yearly upfront payment every semester or customary monthly installments with the charges being collected by the school, and an either complete or fractional waiver of the charges for the outstanding cases of poverty would be obtainable.

Significantly, the 457 Visa is the most regularly utilized scheme for the Australian or overseas recruiters/firms, to sponsor trained overseas manpower to work in Australia for the short term even as they can be hired for a maximum period of four years, and usher-in any qualified family members who have unobstructed job and study rights in the country.


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