As per the latest Manpower employment outlook survey, the skilled and professional jobs outlook in Australia is set to carry on an upbeat streak for the rest of the 2016, with firms/organizations less worried about the economic & political vagueness.

While roughly 18% of public and private recruiters/job-providers reviewed reportedly pointed out that they plan to increase the number of their workers over the October and December period, 75% stated they would desist from making any change to their present manpower.

As per MD of Manpower Group Australia and New Zealand, the uptick in hiring plans is a sign that recruiters/job-providers are growingly impervious to political and economic insecurity that has preoccupied a great deal of the news cycle this year.

The MD elucidated that change and uncertainty--both internationally and locally--appear to have become the new standard. Still, despite some new events, like the Federal Election, an additional cut to interest rates, and Brexit, the employment prospects of Oz are set to stay rather positive in the next quarter. It suggests that the firms are becoming more skilled at wiping out the sound around economic & political matters--a trend observed in the preceding quarter also which was also underlined by insecurity.

He added that there are also apparently other pointers that assist temper business’ reaction against uncertainty, like a moderately stable unemployment rate, and the avoidance to date of the likely unexpected slowdown of the Chinese economy.

Though it isn’t to say there hasn’t been an effect due to uncertainty, in general, firms seem to be managing it, with expectations to appoint also propelled by transformation missions inside their own firms.

A closer look at the businesses studied revealed that employment hunters can expect to find the strongest job breaks across the transport and utilities segment and the finance, insurance and realty segments which are also looking forward to a stable hiring speed through to the close of 2016.

Allegedly, the transport and logistics business is becoming stronger. As sophisticated stock management arrangements become growingly necessary for these firms, largely introduced by the overseas firms presently functioning in Down Under, they are searching for smarter and better methods of working. This consecutively is driving requirements for more resources to assist them innovate and adapt to the shifting consumer requirements.

Across additional segments, mining and construction keeps on revealing positive signs, thanks to the ongoing property boom in the nation with construction being the primary propeller of growth.

Allegedly, residential property construction and huge infrastructure ventures--primarily in Victoria and New South Wales (NSW)--are stimulating growth. The 1.5 billion dollar Victorian Infrastructure Package is stimulating major investment in construction work across rail and major roads, even as NSW is going through many station upgrades and major ventures, such as the developing of the WesConnex.

The study also emphasized recruiters/job-providers in Victoria are predicting a decent level of jobs growth into the final quarter of the year with 20% specifying a rise in the staffing levels even as the general hiring mood in NSW and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are also pretty encouraging.

Allegedly, it is not exaggeratedly astonishing witnessing NSW and Victoria registering excellent employment growth. Especially with key infrastructure missions being embarked on in these states, apart from the truth that they also house numerous of the employment opportunities from the finance, insurance and realty and services fields, whose recruiters/job-providers are looking forward to a rather stable hiring speed for the quarter forward.

As one continues to unwind from the mining boom, he is witnessing businesses in Western Australia (WA) and the Northern Territory expanding their services as they move away from the mining business. Fundamentally, the small uptick in these specific areas reveals that there is a progression towards ‘normalization’ occurring as firms start to re-appear from the mining boom.

In the meantime, recruiters/job-providers in big firms are looking ahead to the strongest hiring atmosphere with 27% reportedly pointing out that they are looking to improve the number of their workers during the October to December period.


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