According to a report, based on a new study, there is a sharp decrease in the volume of immigrants to Canada going on to get hold of its citizenship. While during 2000, 79% of the immigrants managed to receive Canadian citizenship, in 2007, just 44% became citizens and in 2008 the percent further nose-dived with just 26% acquiring the nation’s citizenship.

As per the concerned person behind the study, Mr. Andrew, the latest amendments in the citizenship plans are a crucial factor behind the development. The toughening of the immigration rules has left no options for the immigrants except to extricate themselves from public life even as they drop their identity in the procedure.

Conservative Outcome

In his study Mr. Andrew has reportedly discovered that the latest reorganizations, brought about by the Conservatives, have unfavorably influenced aliens from the detectable minorities. Some improvements that are brought about are exceptionally unreasonable in nature regarding the visible minorities even as the same would denote that a good number of them would continue to be non-citizens.

The research had duly computed a time-frame of 6 years for an outsider in the nation to get its citizenship. As per this time frame, the 2008 statistics divulges the direct impact of these most recent rules started by the administration for the immigrants.

Immigrant Canada Makes Counter Claims

However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) spokesperson has countered Andrew’s assertions by maintaining that the Maple Leaf Country boasts of the globe’s highest naturalization rates. She maintains that as high as 86% of the qualified permanent residents for the nation’s citizenship come to a decision to get hold of the same.

She also claims that Andrew is misrepresenting the particulars as his study does not consider those (permanent residents) who are not still qualified to get citizenship as they have failed to fulfill all of the conditions required to start the citizenship course.

Weight of Money, Marks

Immigration Canada introduced the tougher citizenship tests way back in 2010 even as the increasing of the pass percentage to 75% only made it tougher. These tests are duly tailored to gauge the candidate’s knowledge of the country’s culture & history. Post the latest tests were started, the percentages of the Caribbean migrants dropped by 20%, even as there was a 15% drop in the percentage of other societies from Asia.

Andrew reportedly discloses that till recently the majority of the immigrants from the non-European countries found the education requirements as the trickiest component of the procedure, but the Conservative administration has managed to add to the load by boosting the application charges.

In Ottawa, the charges were increased two times during the year gone by. From 100 dollars, it was made 530 dollars in December even as those who sail through have to shell-out an additional 100 dollars to successfully conclude their citizenship procedure. Allegedly, a price of nearly 600 dollars is not a small amount for the immigrants of some specific poorer societies or families.


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