According to a report, airports across Australia have hailed the decision to commence fast track immigration services for those prepared to shell-out a premium to keep away from queues. The premium border security service is targeted at business visitors, more affluent travelers, and those who won’t mind paying a little more, for a speedier immigration clearance.

As per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the step will also assist to draw more people to the nation even as it will be started initially at the airports in Sydney, Melbourne, & Perth.
Under the plan, the Australian airports will give the administration cost to provide the premium service which would after that be passed on to the airlines, and ultimately the travelers looking for a speedier option.

Allegedly, though the premium traveler facilitation service would not enable the visitors to pass over the security process, the same would be drastically quicker, vis-à-vis what is presently obtainable. Further, the services would be on a user-pay basis even while the visitors utilizing the services will be duly processed under the traditional clearance process.

Like other passengers, they also would be subjected to customs, immigration, biosecurity or aviation security monitoring. Allegedly, parallel services are to be had at international airports throughout the globe and it was about time that the Kangaroo Land began a charge paying fast track arrangement.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue, Margy Osmond--the Tourism and Transport Forum Australia chief executive--reportedly stated that the arrangement would attract well-off visitors arriving in the nation. She pointed out that the same is almost same as an airline with economy, business and first category.

She added that it is crucial that Oz fulfills the particular requirements for every traveler demographic. For an increasing figure of the visitors from Asia--which is major key growth market for Australia--premium border facilitation is an essential part of the tour experience. The cost that travelers would fork-out for the premium service has not still been substantiated, allegedly thanks to business confidentiality.

Osmond also urged every political outfit to support Australia’s visitor economy, since the same, according to her, has been a top economic success story.  She elucidated that the challenge for every political chief is to strongly support the tourism segment. She stressed that it is crucial to witness positive rules that will permit the business to reach its full possibility as an economic wealth and jobs producer for the country.

As if to drive the message home further, she reportedly added that Tourism is presently engendering 47.5 billion dollars or 3% of the country’s GDP even while at 5.3% the same is growing three times quicker, in relation to the entire national economy.


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