Down Under Improves Position, Has More Establishments In Top 200 World University Rankings

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Australia is a paradise when it comes to several things, including healthcare, infrastructure, job opportunities, economy, educational centres, etc. Talking of educational centres, it is well known that the nation has some of the most reputed universities in the world.

In fact, in the top 200 universities, the nation has several universities. According to a new report, the universities of the Kangaroo Land--which draw students from across the globe--have performed well in the most recent global rankings for higher education establishments.

The 2016 QS World University Rankings reveal that, in general, the nation boasts of as many as nine universities in the top 200, one extra, vis-à-vis during the year gone by, and five of which find a place in the top 100. It is an important achievement considering the fact that India does not have even one university in the top 200 rankings.

The rankings--which started way back in 2004—judge over 3,000 organizations globally. The yearly rankings measure such issues, like academic status, citation data, international mix, and staff-student ratios.

The Australian National University (ANU) ranked at 22 is leading the list. At the 42th position, The University of Melbourne succeeds it. The University of Sydney comes at the 46 spot, the University of New South Wales (NSW) at 49, the University of Queensland at 51, and Monash University at the 65 spot.

While the University of Western Australia moved out of the top 100, occupying the 102 position down from 98 during the year gone by, the University of Adelaide finds a place at the 125 position. The University of Technology (UTS) in Sydney, and the University of Wollongong made the most notable improvements, jumping to the 193 and 218 positions in that order.

Sharing more information on the subject, the British-based QS reportedly stated that this year the universities of Oz were outstanding for making their research performance better, duly gauged by the figure of the research paper citations attained by a specific university every academic staff member.

In a related development, the ANU vice-chancellor reportedly stated that the ANU was swollen with pride to be called the nation’s top university. He elucidated that everybody at the ANU takes great pride in being measured against the finest global universities even as the university is devoted to build on the excellence that logically arrives with the job of being a really national resource for every national of Oz.

He added that the top ranking of the university shows the terrific research efforts of the staff and students of the establishment and also demonstrates the university’s capability to carry-out research that is either equal to or superior in relation to the very finest in the entire world.

As per Attila Brungs, the UTS vice-chancellor Professor, every university ranking system calculates different things, and has both plus and minus points. However, when a university, such as the UTS, moves up rather progressively in every ranking simultaneously, it can only signal a general improvement in its show and a boost in its status worldwide.

He added that the UTS has been making progress for many years, and it is all thanks to the hard work of numerous personnel over an extended duration. The university and the concerned people are continuing to drive originality in their policies to teaching and learning, and complete brilliance in their research and research impact, even as the same is paying rich dividends.

Reportedly, the University of Sydney has also been ranked Number 1 in Down Under and 28th internationally in the new Thomson Reuters’ innovation ranking Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities. It is based on the level of basic research that is being translated most extensively and fruitfully into commercial applications through patents. Establishments were given a total on the basis of 10 criteria, comprising patent volume, global patents, patent success, patent citations, etc.

As per Professor Duncan Ivison--the university’s deputy vice chancellor for research--all concerned people are delighted that so many of associates across the globe think highly of the university’s research &teaching. He added that despite the fact that it is crucial to treat rankings exercises with care, it is highly satisfying to see the wonderful results for several areas.


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