In a somewhat major development, the in-office Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Minister ofCanada has reportedly made public that the administration will not have a welcoming attitude for those whose background is not clean. He stated that his government will prohibitindividuals found guilty of having participated in certain activities that may not be in sync with Canadian values like--for instance, having several wives or marrying women forcefully--from shifting to the Maple Leaf Country.

Chris Alexander,the minister, delineated the regime’s stand at a news conference in the Canadian city of Toronto recently. He stated that the bill would abolishhasty and forced weddings from the nation’s immigration structure and the nation all together. The bill is likely to pass with complete backing from the majority Conservative group in Ottawa.

Alexander added that the object of the bill is crystal-clear. He stressed that the government will improve the capability of the immigration structure to spot and then to take the needed action on the cases of polygamy. There is no dearth of cases — not less than 100s throughout the Maple Leaf Country, perhaps even more — of persons who have arrived in the nation with many wives minus that fact being corroborated in the immigration structure, and minus anything having been done regarding it, even when the same is noticed afterwards.

The minister pointed-out that the government will arm itself with the instruments to act, addingwhile Polygamists are not wanted in the nation--in case and when they are discovered in the Canadian immigration organization--they will be shown the door, and forced to leave the nation.

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