Ever since Canada has been hit hard by the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the country’s immigration policies have been undergoing various changes and alterations over the past few weeks. The Canadian government is taking every possible measure to fight against covid-19 and ensure the health and well-being of its citizens. 
Considering the current outbreak of Coronavirus, Canada has imposed travel restrictions for all foreign nationals from March 18 to June 30. The government is strongly advising its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel, though the country is still exempting U.S citizens, temporary and permanent residents. 
Below we have compiled a list of questions that might be bothering you amid the rising tensions of corona pandemic:
How can I submit my Express Entry profile and my permanent residence application?
Yes, you can create your express entry profile and complete the formalities related to your Canada PR Visa application.
Recently, Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada has clearly stated that it will continue to hold Canada immigration draws on a bi-weekly basis. In fact, IRCC had conducted two CRS draws in the past few days, inviting approx. 400 express entry candidates to apply for Canada permanent residency status. 
Not only federal, but provincial governments are also actively holding draws for their respective PNPs. So, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 
IRCC continues to process permanent residence applications under various categories. Everything is done as per standard guidelines, and providing applicants more (additional 90 days) time to submit the required documents. Candidates are also allowed to provide an explanation letter along with their application in case they are experiencing delays. 
Can I travel to Canada?
As per IRCC guidelines, following individuals can move to Canada till June 30. Though, the individuals are still advised to check the federal government’s website before deciding to return to Canada.
Canadian citizens an permanent residents
Immediate family of Canadian citizens and permanent residents
Permanent resident applicants who had been approved for permanent residence prior to March 16 and who had not yet travelled to Canada. 
Temporary foreign workers
International students who held a valid study permit or had been approved for one as of March 18
Transiting passengers
Who comes under the immediate family member?
Your immediate family includes the following members:
Spouse or common-law partner
Dependent child
Parent or step-parent
Can I process my temporary residence application?
Yes, you can. 
IRCC continues to process and accept fresh applications under temporary residence category. However, you won’t be allowed to travel to Canada at the moment due to travel restrictions.
Does the Covid-19 pandemic impact the processing time of my PR visa application?
You may expect some delays in processing times as major services are disrupted these days in Canada, and IRCC is a no exception.
My temporary status in Canada is about to expire? What should I do?
If you are currently in Canada, then you can easily apply for the visa extension. You can live in Canada and wait for the decision made on your new application. You are not allowed to apply for the visa from a port of entry. 

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