According to a new report, some well-known academics and politicians in Australia will participate in the National Multicultural Women’s Conference 2016 to be held in Sydney.
It is aground-breaking and new conference to be held in the month of November even as it is tailored to propel change for multicultural women. The conference allegedly aims to share knowledge and commemorate the exceptional and incomparable contributions women from varied backgrounds make to the society of Oz.

As per a concerned person, the conference is set for a vigorous and helpful dialogue related to the exclusive experiences of the multicultural women even as it hopes to influence the manner women are duly supported and acknowledged in the country.

She stated that women from varied backgrounds make such a great contribution of energy, talent and enthusiasm to the Australian societies. Though they happen to be nurturing mothers, inspiring leaders, and highly gifted entrepreneurs, the tests and breaks they face are time and again only-one-of-its-kind to their male equivalent.

She added that the conference will proffer an inimitable stage to share viewpoints, innovations and approaches impacting women, and drive additional group effort and change across segments.

In the meantime, young refugees--requiring assistance with their school education and adults looking for local recognition for their skills--will be among those entitled for new scholarships valued at over 90,000 dollars.

Reportedly, Allianz Australia and SSI are providing the scholarships to assist the refugees settle in the society and 46 scholarships, ranging between 500 and 5,000 dollars, will be given in five classes, comprising primary and secondary school, vocational training, tertiary qualification, and skills recognition.

Allegedly, despite the fact that the refugees, who settle in Down Under, have a high inspiration to do a job, it does not by design result in employment.

Refugees--who do not have Australian employment experience, reasonably priced options for the recognition of their skills and qualifications, and restricted access to English language tuition--are subjected to hurdles in the job market.

In a related development, Niran Peiris, Allianz Australia’s MD, reportedly stated that he was very happy and proud to assist the refugees get an education and make a handy contribution to business. The scholarship scheme is about providing the support and break for refugees to actually make a difference at school, work, and in the society, he elucidated.

He added that the scholarship shows Allianz’s absolute pledge to diversity even as a diverse labor force is a better labor force. Sometime before this year, Allianz reportedly hired nine new workers from different nations, including Jordan, Vietnam, Syria, and Lebanon. These people arrived in the Kangaroo Land as refugees, refuge hunters, and migrants.


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