On the anticipated lines, the Liberal administration of Canada has reportedly brought-in a legislation that would cancel several parts of the citizenship bill introduced by the previous Conservative administration, called Bill C-24. Against the backdrop of a majority regime in place, major changes to the Citizenship Act are extensively predictable to become effective shortly.

Among the planned improvements is the annulment of a contentious provision that cancelled citizenship from dual Canadian citizens found guilty of terror campaigns, sedition or spying. The planned legislation would also cut down the amount of time permanent residents have to duly spend in the nation, with a view to apply for the nation’s citizenship--from 4 out of 6 years to 3 out 5 years--and would enable aspirants who spent time in the Maple Leaf Country on temporary position, to calculate the time towards the three-year condition.

Apart from this, the proposed changes would revoke the aim to reside stipulation and get rid of language skill requirements for some specific candidates.

Sharing his thoughts on the proposed changes, John McCallum, the in-office Immigration Minister, reportedly, stated that he was very happy to proclaim the amendments which are completely consistent with the pledges made during the election drive, and on which the incumbent administration stormed to power.

He added that the administration is keeping its vow to rescind some specific terms & conditions of the Citizenship Act, and this comprises those that resulted in different handling for dual citizens.


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