Allegedly, it does not appear probable that the proposals to enable firms/groups in Australia--to make use of specialist professionals from abroad, minus a temporary 457 Visa--will go ahead.

Despite the fact that the proposal was initially muted in 2014, in a paper brought out by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), hardly anything has been heard about the same hitherto. Now authorities have reportedly stated that it is doubtful to materialize, not least because of the present security circumstances and sharp fears related to terrorism throughout the globe, not only in Down Under.

It had been claimed that a short term mobility visa ought to be launched, to improve competitiveness for firms/enterprises that could not locate individuals with the right knowledge & skills in the country. The visas would have been proffered under some specific circumstances and would not be a path to more permanent movement or citizenships. Even though several business groups had hailed the concept, trade unions have resisted it.

However, a great deal of change has been witnessed since the thought was initially presented. Presently, visa improvements are centred on a new easy arrangement that deregulates visa requirements and makes the process for applying for visas better increasing effectiveness for visa petitions.

According to a DIBP spokesperson, restructurings will be made to the present skilled migrations & temporary visa schemes, adding that major amount of discussion has already occurred. He also reportedly elucidated that the goal of any amendments will be to advance the nation’s competitiveness and capacity to draw exceedingly trained migrants, who are required in some particular areas and vocations.


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