Are you a skilled accountant or IT system analyst and keen to immigrate to Australia, riding high on your skills? If yes, you will be, perhaps, glad to know that at present you are officially wanted in your dream destination. Yes, it is true!

As per a new report, the Government of Australia has brought out its latest Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for the next one year even as trades and IT occupations and also nursing dominate the list.

The SOL and the Consolidated Skilled Occupation list for the year 2016-2017 come into force from July 1, and essentially list the professions for which visas will be duly obtainable.

The list suitably spots works that would gain from skilled movement for the object of fulfilling the medium to long term skill requirements of the national economy of Oz.

For the next one year the professions most in need reportedly comprise accountants, carpenters, painters, chefs, motor mechanics, bricklayers, IT system analysts, developers, programme analysts, programmers, and software engineers.

There is also a pressing demand for skilled mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and in the health segment for trained nurses and midwives and also psychiatrists and surgeons.

While the list is reviewed every year, it takes counsel from the Department of Education and Training which is accountable and in charge for offering information to the Minister for the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on the composition of the SOL.

The suitability of the professions for inclusion on the SOL is evaluated via a two-step procedure.

Step Number 1 involves classifying works that are most susceptible to supply restraints, courtesy the time taken to build up the required skills, and courtesy the price of a famine or the probable effect of supply side policies.

Step Number 2 involves evaluating the medium to long term skill requirements of the economy for every profession identified in the step one, to decide in case the job would gain from independent skilled migration.

On the whole, a line-of-work will satisfy step two in case an excess of qualified employees is doubtful in the medium to long term. The appraisal in the second step is based on a vast range of indicators, apart from stakeholder input.

It is mandatory that the candidates nominate a profession from the SOL in case they are submitting an application for an Independent or Family Sponsored Points Tested Visa or Temporary Graduate (subcategory 485) Graduate Work Class Visa.

It is also essential that the applicants, who need a skills evaluation as part of their visa application, get in touch with a pertinent assessing authority directly to get a skill appraisal. The body will proffer every required application form and related information concerning the appraisal.


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