Post a rather contentious government report which recommended tougher rules and charges--to allegedly balance the cost of absorbing older immigrants--Australia will reflect on the momentous fee increases for the migrants, keen to usher-in their parents to the country.

In a finding that resulted in widespread anger among immigrants, the Federal Government's independent advisory body, the Productivity Commission, advocated in a report made available sometime back that it will be better if the charges for the Parent Visas are substantially raised from the present ones of roughly 50,000 Australian Dollars per parent.

The commission reportedly claimed that older migrants prove costly and cost the country with the reason being they are a load on the health system and several lack a job or give taxes. It said the price to the nation of admitting a parent was from 335,000 to 410,000 dollars over the course of his time.

As per the report, immigrant parents are at such a point of their lives when they make substantial claims on the aged care, health and social security arrangements, and these must be fulfilled via the taxpayer funds.

They are inclined to have low integration into the nation’s labour market mainly courtesy their advanced ages and, in some specific situations, pathetic English language ability. It denotes lower earnings (and income tax), vis-à-vis other immigrants.

At present, the overseas parents of the Australian citizens are entitled to submit an application for Permanent Residency (PR) in case most of their kids reside in Down Under, and they either shell-out nearly 50,000 dollars for fast- tracked processing or cool their heels for a maximum of 30 years and give a fee of a maximum of 6,000 dollars.

As per the available numbers, during the year gone by, 8,675 parents obtained visas, comprising 80 Singaporeans. The total comprised 7,175 parents who acquired visas under the fast-tracked plan and 1,500 under the slower, lower-fee plan.

The commission stated that the case for maintaining Parent Visas in their present form is not strong even as it advocated fee increases for the fast-tracked parents. It added that others ought to be given admission only in a situation where in there are fairly strong compassionate grounds.

Some migrant societies vigorously dismissed the findings. These societies have allegedly been pushing for Oz to make it simpler to bring over parents. Migrant groups assert they tend to place a predominantly strong stress in making grandparents a key part of the general life of the family.

The chief body representing Australians from ethnically diverse backgrounds stated that it strongly opposed the proposals. Criticizing the commission it stated that it (the commission) had followed a penalizing approach and had not considered the social & cultural advantages of uniting parents & kids.

Peter Dutton, the incumbent Immigration Minister, reportedly stated that he will mull over the commission's suggestions before making amendments.

The administration sometime before had reportedly substantiated plans to launch an impermanent, sponsored visa, to enable parents to make a trip for a period of five years, as long as the candidates have private health insurance. The visas will be available next year.

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