Against the backdrop of the recent Paris terror attacks, the different global immigration hotspots have increased and improved security checks at their different ports of entry with Australia being no exception.   With the declaration of a new risk assessment programme to get rid of uninvited or risky individuals from the nation, visa candidates will reportedly come under higher examination in Australia.

The latest visa risk evaluation facility will be generated inside in the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) with additional particulars being readily obtainable to the involved authorities.

Sharing information on the issue Peter Dutton, the incumbent Immigration Minister, reportedly stated that the same will strengthen immigration and border statistics, in the process, facilitating officers to spot security risks, more effortlessly, prior to they provide visas.

Decision makers will be spared the trouble of hunting for the details even while the same will become a vital component of their processing arrangement, the minister elucidated. Despite the fact that the statistics will be to be had for every aspirant, the minister went on to state that it is tailored to aid get rid of criminals and radicals/fanatics, prior to they arrive in the nation and the majority would not be affected.

The same allegedly signifies that those evaluating the visa petitions will have access to the databases from the concerned Australian organizations, to spot those of interest at the stage of visa application. At present, the traditional risk appraisal is confined to indicators that a person intends to overstay their visa or work minus clearance.

Dutton indicated that it is crucial that the decision makers possess the means to closely examine a visitor’s broader criminal and security risks. They require knowing much more about visa candidates, and if they endanger the public.


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