As per StartupAus--a not for profit organization working to make technology free enterprise better-- Even as there is a continuing discussion in Australia about the contribution the outsiders actually make to the country, at present, a new report reportedly claims they should be motivated more as their output is far higher than several individuals believe.

Certainly, behind the formation of nearly as high as 61% of the country’s leading 50 startups, there were either the immigrants or their kids. The 2016 Crossroads report calls for the popular entrepreneur visa scheme to be further improved and promoted to draw more individuals from out-of-the-country.

As per the report, Australia has the required raw ingredients to emerge as a BIG technology player internationally. At present, the administrative difficulties linked with getting the 457 Visas are blocking efforts of the young Australian tech groups to hire trained IT manpower.

As per a concerned person, an improvement in the situations for entrepreneurship in Down Under could see up to 170 billion dollars added to the national economy.

He added that it has been a rather strong year for the startups with some good progress made in the shift to a competitive, high tech economy. Still, at a time when the conventional businesses of the country are battling hard against the different international competitors, it’s crucial that the development of this potent new economic section is fostered.

However, he also reportedly indicated that the Kangaroo Land still registers some of the lowest rates of startup creation, and one of the lowest rates of venture capital investment for a developed country.

The report puts forward that even as Oz can be a rather attractive place for the foreign startups, globally there is still inadequate appreciation of the breadth and depth of startup action that exists in the nation.

As per the report, together with the implementation of an Entrepreneur Visa, an international business development capacity would assist to inform the talented startups from across the globe about the gains of establishing in Down Under and inspire them to shift here.

As per the report’s author, the country requires to produce a higher amount of entrepreneurs and do all possible to improve the situation further. He elucidated that the Startups can be an economic powerhouse for Australia, but only if the nation significantly boosts the figure of the startup founders, and provides them with the workers, funds and helpful regulatory atmosphere they need to do well on an international platform.

Allegedly, against the backdrop of the relatively young age of the local tech ecosystem it is vital that individuals with 10 years or more experience of startups arrive from overseas.

He added that there is a pressing requirement of not only the individuals with entrepreneurial skills and those with the STEM skills, but also the individuals with experience.


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