In a rather important development, a fresh Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) has reportedly been started in Australia, even as it has cut-down the figure of the subcategories and made the visa framework a lot simpler.

The total figure of Student Visa subcategories have decreased to two from eight, making that arrangement straightforward to just one Student Visa and one Student Guardian Visa. Besides, there is presently a single immigration risk structure for every global student.

Sharing his observations on the issue, David Wilden--a concerned person from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)--reportedly said that the Student Visa settings are a vital component of the nation’s international education plan.

He also indicated that the importance of the country’s global education segment, the nation’s third biggest export business, and its biggest services export, was estimated to surpass 19 billion dollars in 2014-2015 even while the newly released National Strategy for International Education duly recognizes the responsibility of the department in supporting global students via the running of the Student Visa Plan.

He elucidated that the SSVF will denote a broader, more straightforward and fairer framework for the real global students and education providers of Oz. He added that a visa framework that is simpler to plot a course through, and that provides a more targeted approach to immigration reliability, will decrease formalities and make output and international competitiveness better.

While under the SSVF, students will not any longer be subject to the difficulty of the current procedure, they will submit an application online for a single Student Visa subcategory only to be suitably reviewed under a solitary immigration risk framework.

It was also indicated that the online application is in sync with the DIBP’s plan to increase digital services and assists make the application procedure simpler.

Single Student Visa (subcategory 500) will be for every student, without taking into consideration their specific course of study, and arrives with a global launch of the online visa lodgment facility to every global student. Significantly, Student Guardian Visa (subcategory 590) will be for those taking care of students.

The more focused approach to risk management will denote that every student is subjected to the similar core visa requirements, like being a Genuine Temporary Entrant and fulfilling health & character requirements. Under the SSVF, a combined nation and education provider risk framework guides a student’s evidentiary needs.

Allegedly, the DIBP requires being content that the students are real even while they and those going with them (family members) can well support the costs of their study and residence while they are in the country.

Students will be in a position to make use of the online tool to decide evidentiary requirements. They can enter the particular place they belong to and where they are planning to pursue studies on the website of the DIBP. Outcomes will be employed to aid a student decide their probable monetary or English language evidentiary requirements.


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