According to a report, Australia’s efforts to inspire new young international visitors, on the nation’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Scheme, is gathering energy, with industry and travel associates joining hands to get fruitfully associated.

Tourism Australia, the concerned body, is reportedly leading the movement to entice additional backpackers with a new 10 million dollars global youth drive, post fears were aired about the decreasing figures, thanks to a new tax system that will be officially started in the month of January next year.

Doubts over the tax rule, called the backpacker tax, is supposed to have resulted in fewer young individuals submitting an application for the WHM Visas even while even after the new tax rate was made public there were widespread apprehensions it would not help much and still discourage the aspiring visitors.

At present, Tourism Australia has inked accords with six Australian state and territory partners and also over12 travel firms which will provide highly competitive deals targeting young individuals in some specific countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Britain, and Ireland, etc.

As per Tourism Australia’s Managing Director (MD) John O’Sullivan, the quality and magnitude of the deals would assist kindle interest and bookings. He stated that youth travel is a price sensitive market and the Tourism Australia has been exceedingly mindful of that truth as it has gone about developing associations for the drive. He added that it is the best package of youth focused travel offers Tourism Australia has ever had in market at one time.

As a component of a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked in London between Tourism Australia and STA Travel, to kick-start the international movement, youth tourists in the UK have been provided flights to Oz from 499 pounds and also a 100 pounds discount against the price of a WHM Visa petition.

Sharing more information on the subject, the STA Travel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reportedly stated that the body (STA Travel) has been involved in many successful youth associations earlier even while all have led to a rise in the organization’s Australian youth holiday packages, predominantly the WHM bookings.

Reportedly, Tourism Northern Territory, Visit Victoria, Tourism Western Australia, Destination New South Wales, South Australia Tourism Commission, and Tourism and Events Queensland--these are the six state and territory tourism groups backing the youth focus of Tourism Australia.

The drive is geared towards attracting youth tourists, specially trying to reverse a current downturn in the movement from abroad with the WHM Visas which enable young individuals from the involved nations to do a job as they travel across Down Under.

Allegedly, the same is component of a package of lately proclaimed administration steps to increase Oz’s appeal as a WHM hotspot. Farmers and recruiters in the hospitality, tourism and retail businesses have already proclaimed they lack the required number of workers in numerous areas, courtesy the decrease in the number of the backpackers.


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