In a rather important development, people in Australia are reportedly being urged to offer submissions to be duly mulled over in the planning and development of the nation’s Humanitarian Programme for the period 2016-2017.

As per Peter Dutton, the incumbent Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the procedure of consultation will enlighten the administration’s decision related to the scheme’s volume and composition.

Though Dutton stated that Oz has a proud history of resettling refugees and people in humanitarian need from across the globe, he has been subjected to widespread condemnation for allegedly dragging his feet on the issue of relocating refugees running away from war in Iraq & Syria.

The minister indicated that since 1947 Down Under has given a red-carpet welcome to over 825,000 persons from different nations under the Humanitarian Plan in reply to the changing international resettlement requirements.

The plan proffers permanent resettlement to those most in need, and who are in worried circumstances out-of-the-country, including in refugee camps and long-drawn-out humanitarian state-of-affairs.

The minister also pointed out that the Kangaroo Land is one of only a small figure of nations that run and manage an yearly permanent resettlement scheme and finds a place among the top three resettlement nations every year, together with Canada and the US,

Allegedly, the administration has committed to raise the size of the Humanitarian Scheme from the present level of 13,750 positions to a maximum of 16,250 positions in 2017-2018 and 18,750 positions in 2018-2019.

Allegedly, despite the fact that during the month of September 2015, the regime made public an additional 12,000 places to resettle people displaced by conflicts in Iraq & Syria, figures illustrate that not more than 26 Syrian refugees have actually landed in the country since then.

Responding to this, the minister proclaimed that the decision on the speed of resettlements was decided on the basis of national security. The people of the nation demands that the government does everything achievable to certify that first and foremost no compromise is made with national security, and secondly it make certain that the country welcomes only the right people into Australia so that they can begin life afresh.

However, a concerned person from the Refugee Council chief executive officer, alleged the Australian regime is dragging its feet even as the remaining parts of the world is acting much more speedily to fulfill their pledges.

He added that it is an embarrassment for all concerned that the Australian resettlement scheme is so bogged down in bureaucratic holdups, when the administrations of New Zealand & Canada have shown that it is achievable to move much more speedily.

As if to drive the message home further, he reportedly elucidated that the Maple Leaf Country (Canada) has resettled as many as 20,490 refugees from the Iraqi & Syrian conflicts in less than 50% the time that Oz has taken to relocate hardly 26 persons.


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