In spite of the wind not blowing in the favor of immigration across numerous global hotspots, Canadians allegedly see it favorably, or so asserts a new study.

The widespread anti-immigrant feeling that has surfaced in the different parts of the world-- particularly in the US and in some European areas--is being dismissed by the Maple Leaf Country, where as many as eight out of 10 people still reportedly think that immigration is in the interest of the nation’s economy.

The discovery, based on a new study, also finds that the majority of the nationals of the Maple Leaf Country differ that the levels of immigration are excessively high, even as an increasing section of the Canadian population are rather certain that immigration checks are pretty successful in keeping the wrong-doers and criminal out of the nation.

The study asks if the rising global racial intolerance and racism are catching hold in the Maple Leaf Country or encouraging the nationals to more openly express the earlier suppressed politically wrong opinions even as the results of the most recent Focus Canada survey of Canadian public opinion substantiate the reply is in the negative.

The newest study discovered that fewer Canadians nowadays express worries about the immigrants not following Canadian ethos & values--the lowest ever registered during the previous 20 years. As high as 9 out of 10 respondents reportedly stated that somebody born somewhere else could be just a good citizen as somebody born in Canada.

The development comes when some opposition politicians in the country--including the present and potential party chiefs--have proposed rules tailored to safeguard the alleged "Canadian values" from the apparent threats.

The nationals, by and large, it would seem, do not subscribe to these feelings, even while governments in place at the federal & the provincial levels (and this comprises Quebec) have reportedly urged for higher levels of immigration.

As per the study, a good number of the nationals continue to believe that immigration is in the interest of the national economy, and there is an increasing faith in the nation’s capability to duly control the refugees & probable criminal elements. The majority of people don’t believe that immigration boosts crime rates, and a decreasing number opine that refugee claimants are not genuine.

Despite the fact that 36% of the 2,000 respondents reportedly stated that Ottawa was admitting a large number of the Syrians resulting from the current refugee catastrophe, their chief worry was over the nation’s capability to support them post arrival, and how it could turn away resources from other government missions, rather than the terror of the new entrants failing to either fit in, or presenting a security risk.

The findings come as John McCallum--the incumbent Immigration Minister--is set to proclaim a brave new immigration plan very soon. The minister has reportedly gone on record declaring that he is keen to considerably boost the general levels of immigration levels.

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