French is one of the two official languages of Quebec with the other being English. Those who are skilled in either of the two, especially French, are welcomed and made to feel at home there in.

The government of the province leaves no stones unturned to increase the popularity of the language and encourage people to use and learn it. From time to time, it comes out with innovative language programmes to promote and spread the use of the language.

Towards this, recently, the in-office Minister of Immigration for Quebec, Kathleen Weil, has reportedly made public a new promotional movement to push immigrant registration in the various French-language courses.
The 750,000 dollars initiative will reportedly focus on advancing courses, via social media &community websites, and also in the different broadsheets, on the radio, and on the different modes of public transportation.

As per Weil, in its capacity as the official language of the province, French is an indispensable vector of integration. Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI) states that the French language is crucial for the socio-professional integration of immigrants, and the responsibility to proffer resources for becoming skilled at French is a central component of the MIDI’s mandate. Towards this, the upcoming drive will be started in 11 languages to stretch out to new visitors from all over the world.

At present, the provincial administration provides 100% free French classes to the new permanent residents on either a part-time or permanent ground, with monetary aid to be had for travel costs and childcare.

Part-time registration especially has grown of late, with the reason being several new visitors to the province get a job shortly post arrival. But, the available data hints that these free courses are not properly exploited as fresh arrivals may not know about the opportunity.

Even as at all times there is not a need of the evidence of the French language knowledge, for the aspirants submitting an application for a Quebec Selection Certificate through the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), it is a crucial issue in the eligibility criteria of the scheme.
Weil added that over the recent years the province has been giving a red-carpet welcome to more visitors with the existing knowledge of French before entrance, and that this accounts in part for the reduction in the registration of aliens in the French classes duly sponsored by the administration.

For the QSWP, applicants can gain a maximum of 22 eligibility points, via offering test results from a French test duly acknowledged by the Administration of Quebec.

Aspirants for the QSWP require fulfilling a minimum of 49 points for a single candidate, or 57 points for a candidate with an accompanying other half/common-law partner, with a view to be entitled to present an application for the overseas movement to the Maple Leaf Country, via the QSWP.

As per reports, the opening stage of the promotional drive is likely to roll out by August 30, 2016.


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