In a development that is expected to be hailed by several existing and future candidates, the administration of Quebec has made a noteworthy statement involving the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)--its flagship scheme for overseas movement to the Maple Leaf Country.

According to the official website, the province will choose trained manpower in a more objective, reliable and helpful way, via the points-based plan. Towards this end, the administration has done away with the distribution of points (6) that were earlier obtainable under the ‘adaptability’ aspect at the stage of interview, which was considered to have been excessively biased in nature.

The improvements declared become effective right away, even as these will be applicable to majority of candidates who have already presented a petition, and also those who could do the same later. Aspirants, whose files are presently under administrative appraisal, and also those who have been assigned a period of time to improve their French skills, remain subject to the laws that were effective when the petition was made.

As mentioned before, the news is likely to be hailed by numerous existing & future aspirants, since the Quebec administration has effectively removed one of the three thresholds that require to be fulfilled so that a decision could be given on a petition even as Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ could be offered. 

The rest of the thresholds in the points system account for:

  1. A candidate’s specific region of training, employment experience, age, language skills, prior association with the province (via trips or family), the human capital factors of the candidate’s other half or common-law partner (in case valid), and if the aspirant has a confirmed work offer in the province; and
  2. A candidate’s accompanying kids (in case appropriate) and evidence of fiscal self- capability

Earlier, aspirants, calls may not have been made to those aspirants who were given a large volume of points for these factors, as they had already accrued the essential number of points so that their petition could advance. For those who required a maximum of six more points so that their application could advance, however, the interview stage was a necessity. In this interview, a candidate’s credentials, language skills, and settlement plan for the province could have been scrutinized.

In its latest press release, the Quebec regime observed that it keeps the authority to carry-out interviews for the QSWP, even if no points could be given on the ground of the interview. In its programme manual, the administration reportedly stated that future interviews may re-examine an applicant’s language skills and the genuineness of his credentials, and added that interviews would also be for the purpose of quality control objects.

Though it is not still learnt precisely when the next petition cycle for the QSWP could start, the latest news allegedly is the latest in a chain of declarations made by the administration of Quebec during the past couple of months.

  1. During the month of October, 2014 the administration declared its aim to maintain an up-to-date and well-organized immigration structure to draw newcomers who have a say in the economic, social and cultural life of the province.
  2. During the month of January, 2015 Quebec declared a public consultation on immigration and diversity even as it begun an all-embracing policy evaluation.
  3. Approximately during the identical time, Quebec made public its latest Areas of Training list.
  4. During the month of March, 2015 it was proclaimed that the subsequent petition cycle for the QSWP would have 6,300 positions.
  5. During the month of May, 2015 the administration of Quebec made public that by October 1, 2015 a fresh online tool will be accessible for candidates for Canadian immigration via the QSWP, enabling aspirants to conclude and put forward a petition online.

Allegedly, now, and until official news to the contrary is made public, the QSWP continues to be a first-come, first-served economic immigration scheme. On the contrary, the Express Entry selection system for the federal economic immigration schemes chooses probable aspirants on a priority ground from a pool of applicants who have made an Expression of Interest (EoI) in moving to the overseas hotspot. 

Consequently, the QSWP could be a tempting immigration choice for people who want to make a petition to shift to the country, minus having to be sent an invite to apply from a pool of aspirants. Possible candidates to the QSWP would well to realize that they will have to display their aim to stay inside Quebec.

Candidates would also do well to note that French expertise is heavily weighted under the points structure. But, it is not the case that French ability is a condition for the scheme. Aspirants--who lack French knowledge but who possess robust characteristics in other regions-- could still be qualified to submit an application.

Movement to the province, via the QSWP is basically a two-step procedure. Qualified aspirants, who successfully present a complete and perfect petition, are given a Quebec Selection Certificate, at which stage they can present an application for a Canadian PR Permit.

Despite the fact that the upper limit for the most recent application cycle has been touched, an applicant may be exempt from the scheme limit in case he:

  1. is qualified to present a petition under the PEQ or Quebec Experience Programme; or
  2. has enclosed a legitimate employment offer with the submission for a selection certificate that was presented, via the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme; or
  3. has been apprised by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that it has decided to process his petition for PR in the nation; or
  4. is an impermanent resident and qualified to put forward a petition for a CSQ.

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