Are you a local recruiter/job-provider from the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI), and wish to use the popular and widely used Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) route to welcome trained manpower to the region? If yes, this news is especially for you!

Come next week, and the PEI will play host to a chain of Express Entry information meetings for the recruiters/job-providers like you. The concerned bureau, namely, the Office of Immigration and Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning, will run the meetings in union with the federal body of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), previously called the CIC.

The sessions are reportedly tailored for both the federal administration and the provincial regime, to give presentations on the way their schemes can prove rather beneficial for the PEI recruiters/job-providers, eager to draw trained manpower to fill gaps in their manpower, and to give recruiters/job-providers an opportunity to make any inquiries.

Earlier in April, this year, John McCallum, the in-office federal Immigration Minister, reportedly, proclaimed that the challenge is to make Express Entry better, more flexible, more open, more fluid, more sought-after for those firms keen to welcome immigrants to the Maple Leaf Country.

During the year gone by, 163 aspirants--for movement to the nation, via the Express Entry selection structure--received an enhanced provincial nomination certificate, via the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programme (PEI PNP).

Even as the same was not the largest figure of certificates proffered by any province in the nation, it was the highest per capital participation rate of any Canadian province (the population of PEI is the lowest in the country).


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