Canadian Citizenship Act Amendments Will Enable Immigrants To Submit Application Early On

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More good news for Canada immigration motivated aspirants! In a fairly significant development, that is expected to prove highly useful to immigrants to Canada who eventually want to get the nation’s prized citizenship, the incumbent Liberal administration of the country has reportedly put forward a range of far-reaching changes to the Citizenship Act.

Allegedly, these amendments will let those--who have come to a decision to move to the Maple Leaf Country--to present an application for before they get hold of the much sought after citizenship sooner and more easily, vis-à-vis what is presently the case.

A decrease in the volume of total time permanent residents have to stay in the nation, with a view to become qualified to submit a petition for citizenship, from 4 out of 6 years to 3 out of 5 years, is a key proposed change.

In addition, some specific aspirants, who spent time in the country on provisional ground, would be in a position to add up a segment of this time towards the three-year condition. The planned changes would also reportedly cancel the aim to live provision and do away with the language skill requirements for some candidates.

Apart from this, the latest legislation would allegedly abolish a rather controversial provision that annulled citizenship from dual Canadian citizens found guilty of terrorism, sedition or spying. Given that a majority government is in power in the nation, it is likely that the proposals will eventually become law in the coming months.

A Brief On Background

During the month of June, 2014, the preceding Conservative administration of the nation brought into law the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (also called bill C-24). The rather controversial legislation enabled the regime to cancel citizenship in certain particular instances, and made the eligibility conditions for immigrants more burdensome, in relation to what had previously been the state.

The now-governing Canadian Liberal Party, which stormed into power last November, made a public oath in its election programme to revoke the unjust elements of Bill C-24 that allegedly generate second-class citizens and the factors that make it tougher for assiduous immigrants to gain the nation’s citizenship. Just some months into its term of office, the administration is presently acting on its statement.

Allegedly, Ottawa inspires new aliens to think about becoming naturalized citizens even as they join the thriving Canadian society. With Canadian citizenship, a person can acquire a Canadian passport, exercise his right to vote in the elections, fight for public office, and go away and re-enter the Maple Leaf Country freely, minus being obliged to the residency compulsions to which permanent residents are subjected to.


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