Canadian BC Makes Public Latest Skilled Immigration System To Fulfill Economic Requirements

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In a rather major development, the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) has reportedly proclaimed that it is putting into practice a fresh Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) for the popular and the widely used British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programme (BC PNP).

For those who came in late, it is a well-known Provincial Nominee Programme of Canada. The BC administration declared that the SIRS is duly aligned with the labour market and economic development priorities of the province.

In the wake of the successful execution of other 'Expression of Interest' systems throughout the immigration setting of the Maple Leaf Country, the SIRS points-based arrangement of the BC proffers aspirants a registration total that suitably decides if they have an invitation to submit an application.

The total is duly based on many issues, like level of education, years of direct employment experience and a BC job offer that show a person’s capability (or otherwise) to do well in the labour market, and make handy contributions to the provincial economy.

The administration of BC, in a declaration, reportedly, provided the case of the province’s tech segment, which is constantly developing faster, vis-à-vis the overall economy. For numerous job-providers/recruiters, the requirement for new talent is rather pressing, particularly in the exceedingly specialized regions. The SIRS structure will enable job-providers/recruiters to access trained global labour speedily with a view to prop-up continued development and progress.

There will be a need of a minimum total inside the SIRS arrangement for a candidate to get an invite to submit an application for provincial nomination under the BC PNP. The lowest amount total varies depending on the BC PNP category. The highest total up for grabs is 200, which is divided into economic issues (120) and human capital features (80).

The SIRS embodies something of a fresh and different approach in the manner the provinces of the nation are planning to draw certain types of new entrants. A complete 60% of all obtainable points are accessible for the skill level and earnings of the job offer, and also where the job location is situated inside the BC. The human capital issues comprise employment experience, level of education, besides language skills.

According to the in-office the Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour of the BC, the need of the hour for the province is to welcome high-demand trained labor force and investment-prepared entrepreneurs to the region to continue to grow the region’s diverse economy.

He added that for those qualified immigrants presenting an application to the BC PNP, they require a clear arrangement that’s not difficult to comprehend and gets them offering their professional services in the area sooner than later.
The administration of the BC strongly opines that the targeted improvements the government has duly made to the BC PNP will keep the province’s economy progressing.


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