As per a report, the administration of Canada is exploring the different accessible methods to make the immigration procedure for international students in Canada easier and more straightforward, with John McCallum, the incumbent Immigration Minister, reportedly declaring that the government should be doing everything possible to woo them.

Since the official introduction of the Express Entry immigration selection structure in January, 2015, several global students in the Maple Leaf Country have found problems with the arrangement and alleged it makes their corridor to Permanent Residence (PR) vaguer than before.
At present, the nation has more than 300,000 international students even as this is a number that is continuously increasing. A lot of these students are choosing the Maple Leaf Country over other developed nations because of some specific gains that studying in the overseas hotspot can bring, like access to post-graduation work permits and the possibility to get PR status, besides the quality of education to be had.

Sharing his plans on the issue, McCallum--post a meeting with provincial and territorial administration envoys sometime back—reportedly declared that he intends to launch federal-provincial talks to restructure Express Entry, which was started by the previous Conservative regime.

Suggestions that have been presented for tweaking the Express Entry arrangement, with a view to help international students, comprise proffering the graduates specific points for education & employment experience in the Maple Leaf Country.

Express Entry, Global Students

The system necessitates aspirants, qualified for PR position, to make an Expression of Interest (EoI) in moving to the nation. The Canadian regime after that sends invites to some applicants from this pool of applicants to submit an application for the PR position, employing a points-based structure.

At present, a large figure of points is assigned to aspirants with either an employment offer from a Canadian recruiter/firm or nomination from a province of Canada. It is essential that a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is issued in order for the employment offer to be legitimate for the objects of Express Entry.

Since its official introduction, Express Entry has had consequences for global students, keen to remain in the country post their studies, who, until 2015, characteristically pursued a path to the PR that did not necessitate their recruiter/firm to get hold of a LMIA.

Positive News for Students Presently in Maple Leaf Country

Prior to emerging victorious in the last year’s election, the now-governing Liberal Party promised to carry-out an appraisal of the Express Entry arrangement and make improvements, in case needed. Global students, presently studying in Canada, have reportedly hailed the latest observations from the immigration minister.

Allegedly, the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC--previously called the CIC)--has been rather down to business in several regions since the present administration came into office just more than 4 months back.

Global students presently in Canada would do well to present an application for a post-graduation work permit upon end of their studies in the country. It will enable them to gain entry into the Canadian labour market, and get precious employment experience for a maximum of three years.

Since the present rule--which has been exceedingly receptive to global students’ worries--has not less than three years left on its term of office, by the time the existing global students are working in Canada post-graduation, their corridor to the PR is anticipated to be more clear-cut than at present, it is claimed.

Why Choose Canada for Studies?

According to a concerned attorney in Canada, several international students select the nation over other probable places--like Australia, Britain, France, and the US--because of some particular benefits that arrive with pursuing studies in the country.

With quality and more reasonably priced tuition at well-known universities and colleges in rather safe cities, and work choices--both through & post the study time-frame--the decision to enroll for study courses in the nation can certainly be a very important one, he added.


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