Are you a student and keen to enroll for a study course in your dream overseas immigration destination, Canada? Are you eager to use the Express Entry route for the purpose, but are not certain if you will make the cut, and sail through the complex process?

If yes, this news report will be music to your ears. Good days are round the corner for the overseas students keen to study in Canada, or so it seems. Ottawa has reportedly declared that it will look to introduce easier rules for the overseas students, via appraising the Express Entry procedure even as the same will be done before long.

The previous Canadian administration had introduced Express Entry to cater to the country’s labor requirements. The same was being done by providing fast-track Permanent Residency (PR) for high trained aliens in a time-frame of only six months or even lesser time.

Sharing details on the issue, McCallum, the in-office immigration minister, reportedly, proclaimed that the Canada Express Entry process has shortchanged the students from abroad. He asserted that they happen to be rather precious, in terms of being probable future Canadians.

Overseas Students Interested in More Points for Post-secondary Credentials

Students from abroad have reportedly been recommending the regime to give them additional points for their post-secondary credentials received in the Maple Leaf Country. The same could allegedly be only possible, via introducing improvements to the Express Entry Programme for the overseas students.

The minister stated that it is essential that the Canadian government does more to attract more overseas students to the nation as permanent residents.

Despite the fact that several students are searching for PR, they are powerless to do the same, since they lack adequate points to do it. Consider, for example, the case of Harpreet Singh--the 24 year old Indian student. Singh arrived in the country way back in 2011, post finishing his high school education.

Global Students Make Crucial Contribution

Ottawa knows and admits the truth that the students from out-of-the-country do make a major contribution to the national economy. So, McCallum reportedly stated that it’s becoming more difficult since the starting of Express Entry for overseas students to get PR.

The minister added that he believes that foreign students happen to be the most fertile source of fresh Canada immigrants. Such students are not only educated, they converse in either English or French even while they are pretty familiar with the nation. Against this backdrop, they require to be given preference, he asserted.

Additional Express Entry Reorganizations

Some other probable restructurings to the Express Entry Scheme reportedly comprise reviewing the requirement for Canada recruiters/firms to file for the labor market impact assessment (LMIA), prior to taking into service any alien over a national.


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