In a rather important development, the leniency time--leading up to full execution of the new pre-screening system of Canada, for the visa-exempt travelers--has reportedly been made bigger until November 9, this year.

Despite the fact that the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) arrangement was planned to become compulsory for the travelers to the Maple Leaf Country from some specific nations on September 29, it has presently been postponed, with a view to give travelers and airlines additional time to get ready for the amendments when moving either to or traveling through the nation.

Sharing more information on the issue, John McCallum--the incumbent, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC)--reportedly stated that in discussion with different airline partners, the government is taking more steps to reduce any travel troubles.

The government is lengthening the leniency time and carrying out a new major information blitzkrieg in the nation and overseas to motivate the affected visitors, comprising dual Canadian citizens, to plan ahead and obtain the required travel papers, before they book a ticket to Canada, he added.

For those not tuned in, the eTA is basically a pre-screening procedure for the guests entering the Maple Leaf Country, via air. The eTA is planned to make air voyage to the extensively visited overseas hotspot safer and well-organized for the overseas people, for whom there is no requirement of a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), to gain admission into the Maple Leaf Country.

The screening procured enables the IRCC to suitably review the visa-exempt guests who may be prohibited to enter Canada for reasons like having a criminal background, or posing a possible health risk.

Nationals of Visa-exempt Nations

The present pre-clearance procedure — whereby the visa-exempt travelers to Canada could board a carrier, minus an eTA and be screened upon landing in the nation — will presently remain until November 9, 2016, when the leniency time is planned to come to an end.

As of November 10, it is mandatory for the visa-exempt visitors to the destination to have completed the online eTA form and received approval prior to boarding a Canada-bound plane.

With a view to receive an eTA, individuals complete an online form, in which they offer some personal details and answer some primary questions involving criminality or medical matters, and also questions related to their immigration background.

The majority of applications are duly processed inside minutes. Some petitions though could take longer to process, in which case individuals can look forward to receiving an e-mail from the IRCC inside 72 hours delineating the next steps.

Nationals of Nations Citizens of Which Need Visa to Make Trip to Canada

Except otherwise exempt from the necessity, based on nationality or immigration position, there is a need for the overseas travelers to the destination to have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before moving to it.


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