The ghastly terror attacks in Brussels have created panic and chaos everywhere, especially in Europe. Sadly, some people and political groups are exploiting the situation to create more panic for petty political gains, it is alleged.

According to a report, only a few hours post the latest terror attacks in Brussels, UKIP, the hard right British political outfit, blamed immigration for the development. David Cameron, the in-office British Premier, severely condemned the comments made by a UKIP spokesperson, who reportedly alleged that open borders are endangering lives. The PM termed the comment unfortunate on the day of the attacks.

He, along with other detractors, was reportedly responding to the allegation of the UKIP that the terror attacks in Brussels draw attention to the dangers of negligent immigration checks and a requirement for Britain to exit the European Union (EU).

Hookem, the defence spokesman of the UKIP, released a announcement just two hours in the wake of the calamity in Brussels claiming the dreadful act of terrorism reveals that the Schengen free movement and slack border controls pose a danger to the national security.

Terrorism, Immigration Related

He established the connection between terrorism & immigration prior to the information was made available to the public about the identity of the assailants, their origins or their purposes. Hookem asserted that the chief of Europol stated in February (2016) that 5,000 jihadists are present in the EU having shifted from the war-torn country of Syria.

At present, 94 returned jihadists are residing in Molenbeek, Brussels. This truth alone should alert public to the truth that open borders are endangering the lives of the European citizens, he added.


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