In a rather important development--from the perspectives of those keen to move to the UK, for work purposes--British parliamentarians recently discussed the Tier 2 Visa salary threshold condition of 35,000 Pounds to gain indefinite leave to remain for Tier 2 Visa holders. The UK's Labour Party reportedly termed the plan destructive and bigoted.

The petition opposing the rule--put forward by the campaign group Stop35K— has hit over 100,000-signature mark. Reportedly, the strategy of raising the Tier 2 Visa salary threshold to 35,000 Pounds was forced through, minus a Commons vote, and minus appropriate examination.

Some activists have been lobbying against the latest policy that will signify that Tier 2, skilled migrant employees taking home less than 35,000 Pounds every year will have no options except to go away from the UK. Come April 2016 when the plan is enforced, and the plan, backed by Theresa May, the in-office UK Home Secretary, could witness 10s of 1000s of charity manpower, NHS personnel, teachers and tech entrepreneurs forced to depart from the nation.

Tier 2 Visa Threshold Discussion Occurred On March 7

The 100,000 signature-h4 petition, which reportedly implores the Home Office to re-appraise the salary threshold, led to the Parliamentary Petitions Committee to MPs discussing the proposals on March 7.

Diane Abbot, Shadow International Development Secretary, stated that she together with her Labour associates will do everything to challenge any amendments to the Tier 2 Visa income threshold laws.

She alleged the proposal is ill-considered, negative and prejudiced. The same will destroy societies such as and cripple critical services, impacting innumerable health, charity, education and police personnel.

She added that when the nation should be investing in improving & diversifying the national economy, the said plan instead produces an additional blockade for those fighting to contribute, and squanders precious talent and possibilities.

Latest Immigration Laws For Tier 2 Visa Migrants

The improvements will be duly introduced for indefinite leave to remain petitions under the Tier 2 (General) Visa Class, and the Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) and Tier 2 (Sportsperson) Visa Classes. The latest regulations in effect make it rather tough for several individuals to make the grade for UK settlement (a different expression for indefinite leave to remain), most noticeably those taking home less than 35,000 Pounds per annum.

The latest pay threshold will be applicable to those keen to reside in Britain on a permanent basis, post 5 years of service. Those, who fail to fulfill the latest minimum income threshold, will either require finding some other method in which to stay in the nation or extend the validity of their Tier 2 Visa by an additional year, or then leave, in the wake of a combined total of six years in the country.


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