Do you happen to be from overseas? Are you keen to work in the UK even as by profession you are a skilled nursing professional? If yes, you are presently in demand in the UK. Yes, at present, the professionals like you are in high demand in the country! This is particularly true for the nursing professionals from Europe, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.

The nation needs your professional services. So, you can move to the country, and offer your services even as you earn good wages and get an opportunity to take your career to the dizzying heights of professional glory.
Every year, the UK attracts an impressive figure of foreign nursing experts from different nations, even while roughly 15,000 take a trip to the nation to find nursing employment opportunities here. They are assisted by agencies to obtain work in the country.

Do Job in the UK

It is possible for nursing professionals to offer their professional services in Britain, for either short term or long term. The same is possible by obtaining a UK Work Visa. One requires to contact the agencies involved in aiding foreigners eager to work abroad. The aspirants can learn about the contract openings or long-term opportunities with either the NHS or inside any private establishments in the nation.

Accessible Nursing Opportunities

The UK has a host of nursing opportunities to be had even as these may be, as mentioned before, either short-term or long-term positions.


It is the major recruiter of nursing specialists in Europe. The same makes use of almost 1.7 million persons. The NHS runs and manages nearly every hospital in the region. Apart from the NHS, the private segment also runs and manages hospitals.

In the private hospitals, the working conditions may be comparatively less taxing for the nurses. That’s because the general ratio of skilled nurses to patients is quite higher. But, many specialist positions exist under the NHS structure. The role of nursing recruitment bureaus is pretty important in supplying professional nurses to private hospitals and also the hospitals run under the NHS.

Nursing Professionals--How Much They Get?

Significantly, nurses get duly graded in seniority (Grade A to Grade I). While the registered nurses start at the grade D, for the newly registered nursing professionals, a starting income of roughly 17,000 Pounds is given. The same can head north to 30,000 Pounds at the top senior level.

Vis-à-vis the NHS facilities, private hospitals shell-out fairly higher wages. A living allowance of a maximum of 4,000 Pounds every year is offered in both the NHS and the private hospitals for those working in the capital, London. The same is over and above one’s earnings as a duly registered nurse.

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