In a development that may improve the image of the UK as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation, a new research has reportedly discovered that the UK, together with the Netherlands, boasts of the highest proportion of 'immigrant-origin' parliamentarians.

The conclusions are the outcome of an international venture which examined the political representation of the immigrant-origin lawmakers throughout the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Greece, Belgium, France, and Italy.

Irrespective of the increasing fears related to immigration levels of Europe and UK, the results reveal that the MPs of immigrant-origin are excellently represented in Westminster. In particular, the MPs with Indian roots occupy top roles even as the parliamentarians with Indian roots were voted to power during the UK General Election, conducted in the month of May last year.

As per some campaign groups, the figure of the MPs duly classified as 'black and ethnic minorities' touched a new high in the nation in the wake of the General Election touching the figure of 42.

The results of the research allegedly illustrate that while the UK & the Netherlands boast of a high proportion of the MPs of immigrant-origin, the nations from southern Europe have the least immigrant-origin representation.

Allegedly, the research is the first of its kind to compare, in a methodical manner, the political representation of the immigrant-origin nationals across the nations of Europe. The results disclose that though the aliens and their native-born children are not very nicely represented in national parliaments in every nation, they are much more expected to be elected and sent to national office in Britain and the Netherlands.

Against the backdrop of the widespread uproar enveloping UK immigration, with the administration allegedly making efforts to check the same by putting curbs on paths, like the Tier 2 Visa structure, the level of immigrant-origin lawmakers is rather astonishing.

Centre-left Wing Political Outfits Most Expected to Have Immigrant-origin Parliamentarians

As per the study, in majority of the nations, it's basically the centre-left wing political outfits that seem to be more accommodating of the immigrant-origin lawmakers. And, of the European parliaments duly examined, as component of the study, at 11% Westminster, was believed to be among those parliaments with the most impressive proportion of envoys of immigrant-origin while the Netherlands boasts of an immigrant-origin representation of 12%.

According to a passage from the research, the findings specify that the direct descendants of aliens (or second generation), born in Britain, are more expected to be suitably represented, in relation to the first-generation aliens.

British Political Outfits & Immigrant-origin MPs

Traditionally, the Labour Party of Britain has shown the way in giving a red-carpet welcome to the parliamentarians of Indian origin into its parliamentary positions. Still, the Conservative Party has narrowed that gap during the latest General Elections only to raise the figure of the immigrant-origin lawmakers and lawmakers with ethnic-minority backgrounds on its benches.

Significantly, these people (immigrant-origin MPs) enact a vital role in the nation’s running.


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