Brexit Referendum Fallout: Additional British Nationals Keen to Shift to Australia & Vice Versa

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As per a report, Australia is expected to witness an increased figure of petitions put forward for Work Visas from the nationals of the UK who are dejected and worried about the nation’s decision to exit the European Union (EU).

The search engine giant, Google, has reported a mammoth rise in the figure of persons hunting for the words ‘immigration to Australia’, post the referendum decision when 52% cast their votes for the UK to leave and 48% to continue.

As per the statistics provided by Google Analytics, the figure of times individuals looked for migration to Oz jumped in the lead up to the referendum before hitting roof when it was proclaimed that Leave was on its way to triumph after getting large margins throughout the regions of Northern England & Wales.

The same allegedly denotes that though the negotiations for the UK to leave will begin in the next few months, several individuals are not very keen to keep on residing and doing a job in case the nation is not any more an element of the EU, since they think the British economy will go down and joblessness head north.

According to an immigration specialist from Australian National University, other options look better presently even while the prevailing unhappiness in Britain has driven persons to mull over these.

Allegedly, British immigrants would be given a red-carpet welcome in Down Under since they have usually settled well, and in uncertain periods a firm flow of visitors would keep the national economy of Oz thriving.

In a related development, Malcolm Turnbull, the in-office Australian Prime Minister, reportedly declared that the Kangaroo Land will join hands with New Zealand with a view to discuss fresh immigration deals as a result of the vote. Turnbull stated that the repercussions are substantial.

He indicated that the nations--Australia & New Zealand--have numerous common interests, in terms of dealing with that--both from a trade attitude, and from a movement of people standpoint. There are some major subjects, in terms of the access of the nationals of these two nations to Europe, and certainly to the UK.

As luck would have it, it is an Australian points-style Visa arrangement that could be launched in Britain. There is also the likelihood of reorganization of the UK/Australian association which could witness the nationals of the two countries offered superior visa deals.

Reportedly, Boris Johnson, the head of the Leave drive, is also being projected as the next UK Premier, post David Cameron stated he would leave, courtesy the referendum result.
Since Johnson vehemently supports the visa free arrangements between the UK & Australia, it may allegedly become much easier for the individuals from Britain, Australia & New Zealand to do a job and reside in each other’s nations.


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