According to a report, top Brexit crusaders have drafted plans for an Australian-style, points-based immigration structure, if the British people vote to exit the European Union (EU). A poll will be conducted in the nation on June 23, to facilitate voters to make a decision whether to stay in the union or 'Brexit'- the term given if the country exits the union.

But, at present, the UK immigration structure runs a points-based arrangement which comprises different tiers comprising the Tier 2 Visa and Tier 1 Visa. It's uncertain precisely how the latest points-based arrangement will vary from the present one, but allegedly, the basis of the right to gain the admission into the nation will be skills.

A joint statement from Brexit supporters reportedly outlined plans for a UK immigration structure that would signal the end of the automatic right of citizens of the EU to arrive, stay and do a job in the country.

As per the statement, by the next general election, a genuine Australian-style points-based immigration structure will be formed. The automatic right of every citizen of the EU, to arrive to reside and do a job in the country will come to an end, as will the control of the EU over the very important facets of the British social security structure.

The citizens of the EU will be subject to legislation made by those who are sent to power in Westminster, and not in Brussels. One could then generate fairness between the citizens of the union & others, including those from the Commonwealth nations.

Critical Observations

As per an observer, there have been historic increases in UK immigration as the British economy is performing very well even as is in point of fact performing much better vis-à-vis much of the EU. High levels of overseas movement to the country are a signal of success. People wish to arrive in the nation as there are more employment opportunities there in.

Immigration has been an important matter in the EU Referendum operation. Though in case the UK comes to a decision to exit the union, there may be lower levels of immigration, the economy is expected to put up with. Maybe, that is a big cost that people will be ready to pay.

Latest Immigration Points-based Structure

Under it, candidates seeking to reside and do a job in the country would be evaluated on the basis of their skills and qualifications, minus favoritism on the basis of nationality.

Allegedly, to gain the right to do a job, economic aliens will have to be appropriate for the said opportunity. For the applicable opportunities, one will be able to guarantee that all those, who arrive in the nation, possess the capability to speak rather good English. Such a structure can be much less routine and much uncomplicated, vis-à-vis the present arrangement for the citizens of the non-EU nations.


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