Bigger Difficulties For Indian IT Groups Wanting To Send Workers To Britain Round The Corner

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There seems to be no respite whatsoever for the Indian IT groups. At first, the US targeted them and slapped hefty charges on them for sending skilled workers to the US, for job purposes. Now it is the UK which is the following the US in harassing these hapless Indian IT firms, in the name of safeguarding the rights of their workers.
In a not-too-positive development--from the perspectives of the Indian IT companies--it has been learnt that these (IT companies) could be subjected to extensive troubles from another country, for the object of sending their IT manpower out-of-the-country.
Post the US, as mentioned before, it allegedly appears that Britain may make it rather tough for the Indian IT organizations, wanting to send their labor force to the Island Nation, for offering their professional services there in.

UK Visa Proposal Particulars

According to the proposed UK visa laws for high trained employees, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommendations comprise increasing the bare minimum earnings of the IT experts entering the nation, for f either long term or short term to 41,500 British Pounds.

Hence, what this simply signifies is that under the planned UK visa regulations for IT workers, an immigration health tax and immigration skills tax will get imposed on every employee to be sent to the customer locations situated in Britain. The same will have a collective effect of roughly 1,200 Pounds for every candidate per annum.

Review of UK Tier 2 Visa Scheme

In the wake of an evaluation of the UK Tier 2 Visa Scheme by the MAC, it duly stated that London aims to decrease yearly net UK immigration to 10s of 1000s from the current level of 336,000.

With a view to slash the nation’s immigration levels, via the Tier 2 Visa path, the MAC reportedly advocates giving top priority to the cost while adding that highest costs will diminish demand. In addition, the MAC has proposed to generate a fresh UK visa class for the third party suppliers of the IT firms.

Significantly, the UK Home Office over and over again agrees to the MAC’s proposals or the suggestions. Allegedly, it appears that the British administration is exploring various methods to reduce the figure of overseas workers arriving in the country, from outside the territorial limits of the European Union (EU), courtesy the widespread claims that the British job openings are being duly filled up, without problems, by hiring foreign citizens on the Tier 2 Visas.

Tier 2 Visas Conditions

Under these specific visas, recruiters/firms need a Tier 2 sponsorship license, a Tier 2 Visa, and also a certificate of sponsorship, for the object of drafting any qualified foreign employee, for landing in the nation, for job purposes.


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