Indian curry is famous all over the world with the UK being no exception. But certain visa and immigration policies from London have lately sort of ‘killed’ the thriving industry. So much so that now several owners of curry eateries and restaurants reportedly want the British Government to facilitate the entry of skilled chefs from the non EU nations--especially from India.
Reportedly, several Indian Eatery Owners are presently demanding 1-year UK Visa for skilled chefs. They want London to introduce 1-year visa for ushering-in trained chefs from India. As per available reports, a 75-page manuscript urging the administration to launch 1-year visas has already been presented to David Cameron, the current British Premier; and Theresa May, the in-office UK Home Secretary.

Permit Chefs from Outside the EU to Britain

As mentioned before, numerous Indian Eatery Owners in the nation are urging the British regime to permit professional chefs from outside the territorial limits of the European Union (EU) to arrive in the UK.

Allegedly, it is vital that the UK launches a tightly-controlled, temporary work visa programme, and under the same, professional chefs from outside the EU ought to be given the permission to land in the nation on rather strict service terms & conditions. These service terms will restrict the employment of expert chefs to not more than 12 months. They will have no authority to go back, no out-of-work benefits, and no possibility of residency.

Allegedly, the curry business in the nation is paying a pretty heavy cost for the laws impacted by the different political outfits. Given this, it is crucial that the administration aids the business by facilitating chefs from out-of-the-country to arrive on a temporary ground.

Initiate Short-term Visas

London is being urged to launch short-term visas already started by some specific nations, such as Germany, the US, and the Middle East. Such short-term visas necessitate the aliens to depart from the country once the term comes to an end. It will not burden the British welfare arrangement.

12,000 Curry Restaurants, Takeaways on the Verge of Shut Down

The 75-page document maintains that unless and until the British administration takes some effective measures to permit chefs to arrive and do a job on a temporary ground, close-to 12,000 curry restaurants & takeaways in the country could be shut down.

The latest income threshold necessity, introduced for the UK Tier 2 Class for the non-European guests, covers chefs as well. These experts also have to cater to a salary threshold of 29,570 British pounds to turn up and do a job in Britain.

The curry business in Britain believes the terms are fairly impractical with the reason being the average wages of the lower level chefs are pretty less than the needed salary threshold.


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