Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential Nominee, is in the news, yet again, and this time around also for the wrong reasons.  

Following the fresh shootings in Orlando, US, which witnessed 49 persons shot dead and 53 wounded, Trump has reportedly asserted that only he can make the nation safe for a second time.

During a speech sometime back, the real estate billionaire commenced a derisive attack on Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee, and deepened calls for his bar on Muslim movement into the country, saying it will keep the nation safe. He portrayed the Orlando shootings as the most horrible terrorist strike in the country since the Twin Towers attack on September 11.

He also branded Omar Mateen, the shooter, a radical Islamic terrorist who attacked the Pulse nightclub, not just to put American citizens to death, but to slaughter lesbian & gay nationals because of their sexual preferences.

Trump then offered reasons why it is vital that the US inflicts a Muslim immigration bar. Utilizing Mateen as an example, he reportedly stated that the shooter was born Afghan to Afghan parents who moved to the US. The only reason the said shootings took place is because the Washington DC permitted that man's parents into the nation.

Critical Observations

As per a leading critic, it is fairly weird that in the wake of the large scale shooting in Orlando Trump now portrays himself as being pro-gay and pro-LGBT. He draws support from several persons who happen to be incredibly anti-gay.

The real estate billionaire also lacks trustworthiness for additional factors. There is a big scandal related to the Trump "University" which unlawfully employed the word "University".

Trump Utilized In Terrorist Video Misinformation

His open anti-Muslim public speaking has led to him being made a part of many terrorist videos. Al Qaeda clips especially feature him as component of their recruitment drives, which has led numerous detractors to state that his Presidential operation has resulted in division and hostility towards the US across the globe.

As per a commentary posted--minus even becoming the US President--the real estate tycoon has encouraged terrorists abroad and estranged nonviolent Muslims in the US. He starts fights with the nation’s closest allies, while eulogizing the nation’s toughest opponents. The actions he has taken hitherto make attacks such as Orlando more possible, not less.

Declaration on Muslim Immigration Bar Reiterated

As per some people, the commentary has a point. Allegedly, a key action of Trump during his recent speech was to reaffirm his plans to provisionally postpone Muslim movement. Trump also associated terrorism to movement.

He severely condemned Clinton, over the subject, saying she does not know what radical Islam is actually about. His talking then speedily descended into a chain of blanket statements assaulting Islam. Trump indicated that the Muslim people know of what's going on, but hardly do anything.


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