Are you a backpacker keen to work in Australia? If yes, this news is for you! Presently, it is possible for the backpackers like you--who are eager to offer their professional services in the nation--to submit an application for a second 1 year visa in case they find jobs in some specific business in the country’s northern region.

As component of a pledge to develop the specific region, the administration allegedly wishes to draw more visitors to the region even while the new visa break is component of the plan to get younger individuals experiencing that particular area of Oz.

The same denotes that it is possible for those having a Work and Holiday (Subclass 462) Visa to receive a second 1 year visa in a situation wherein they do a job for a period of three months in the tourism and hospitality or agriculture, fishing, and forestry businesses in northern Australia with their first visa.

Throwing light on the issue, a spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reportedly stated that the new chance inspires the holders of the Work and Holiday Visa to spend time staying and offering their professional services in the nation’s north region.

Allegedly, the change will only be applicable to the identified work started from November 19 2016 in northern Australia, which approximately comprises each of the Northern Territory and those regions of Queensland and Western Australia (WA) above the Tropic of Capricorn.

The spokesperson added that every duly detailed work has to be paid work in agreement with the country’s workplace laws. Those considering presenting a petition will require proffering proof of the payment.

As many as 16 countries nations--including China, the US, Indonesia and Chile--have active Work and Holiday Visa agreements with Down Under. The Work and Holiday Visa Plan continues to develop, even while the administration has promised to continue to discuss added Work and Holiday Visa plans with fresh partner nations.

In the meantime, other visa improvements signify that it is mandatory for those sponsoring partner and potential marriage visa petitions to presently offer either Australian or foreign police check papers.

Allegedly, the improvements only apply to the cases where the visa petition has been presented on or post November 18, 2016. In case one’s partner submitted his petition before November 18,2016, the new conditions will not be applicable to him, even if the person presents his sponsorship form post November 18 this year.

The DIBP also reportedly claims that those who already have a Subclass 309 or 820 Visa, and are cooling their heels for a decision on the Subclass 100 or 801 Visa, are not influenced. It is because they submitted the visa petition before November 18 this year.


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