The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, Australia, enjoys world wide popularity for numerous factors, and this includes beaches, kangaroos, weather, and koalas. However, it would allegedly appear that a large number of Australians love is the nation’s aviation industry.

As per a new research, 46% of the nationals would love to do a job in the aviation segment, including both men & women, every age group and in every state, apart from the Western Australia (WA) region where job opportunities in the mining and resources rule the jobs wish list.

The study found that employees see aviation as providing breaks in training, as having rather motivating job content, and working environment. The specific field is also rated well for strong management, work-life balance, being environmentally and socially conscious, and also for providing career progression chances and superb earnings and employee benefits. It is recognized to have more eye-catching qualities, vis-à-vis any other field.

The study also discovered that most nationals, about 84%, consider travelling for work as an added value to their job, with 55% of those reviewed reportedly maintaining they would prefer to have a job which necessitates worldwide travel, yet just a quarter presently do.

In general, the leading three most appealing firms to do a job for in Down Under were in the Aviation and aerospace field, headed by Virgin Australia, after that national airline Qantas, and in third spot Bae Systems.

The study also unearthed that working for the administration also continues to enjoy high acceptance by the Australians with as many as 9, out of the leading 20 most appealing employer bodies this year, being state and federal administration bodies.

Government organizations rated highly across almost every trait, placing first for giving long term work security, excellent work-life balance, and being ecologically and communally alert. Roughly 84% of employees reportedly stated that they would not mind leaving their present job to get professionally involved with a firm with a superior corporate status.

Virgin Australia was accepted as being principally appealing when it comes to offering a pretty good work-life balance, a pleasing working atmosphere and robust administration. The same was also acknowledged as the most appealing job-provider for women and people from the 25 to 44 age group bracket.

The popularity of Qantas increased this year after being fifth during the year gone by, and missing the Number 1 position by merely 0.04%. For the people in the 18 to 24 and 45plus age group, Qantas occupied the Number 1 position. Both men & women saw it as the second most striking recruiter/firm even as the organization was recognized as exceptional for providing an agreeable working ambiance.


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