In a fairly important development, the Sunshine Coast of Australia is reportedly set to boost its capacity to catch the attention of more travelers and investment from out-of-the-country with latest facilities to manage more global air movement. The airport of the area will begin to witness the gains of a major investment boost later in 2016 with the installation of latest equipments & technologies to make possible a rise in international flights.

Recently, Peter Dutton, the in-office Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), reportedly, made a trip to the airport and declared that the overhaul would comprise a broad close circuit television network, trace detection technologies, and electronic examination capabilities to prop-up the focus of the administration on better border security.

The minister indicated that a combined total of $23.8 million over four years was assigned in the 2015-2016 Budget to prop-up the clearance of seasonal flights at Sunshine Coast Airport and normal international flights at the Townsville Airport.

Dutton elucidated that, at present, the variety of technologies required to sustain international flights is brought to the airport for the time being from Brisbane as needed by international arrivals & exits. However, with the improvement, the airport in question will not have to any longer depend on the presence of mobile capabilities to duly process flights.

Many people in the area, allegedly, opine that it is viewed as a region of Down Under that is not as accessible effortlessly in spite of being a place that many travelers from abroad wish to experience.


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