New Delhi India, July 07, 2016: while talking to the press, the official spokesman of Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ajay Sharma gave an elaborate presentation about the grossly reviewed Australian skilled occupations list for the SkillSelect program 2016-17.

He, while explaining various facets of the Australian SOL, highlighted certain important aspects of new list that would drive the skilled worker migration scheme of the country for the next year.

The Adaptable and Sensitive Immigration System

Mr. Ajay Sharma, while elaborating the distinct characteristics of Australian immigration system, said that this concept has been quite transparent, and has been delivering qualitative results over the last 4 years – since 2012, the year of inception of the SkillSelect. Australian government has been able to steer and regulate its skilled immigration visa  scheme quite efficiently due to the innovative tool made available by the contemporary system.

This has not only helped the Australian government to make the Australia skilled migration program more sensitive and responsive to the requirements of the local labor pools but also offer a lot of relief to the immigrants.

Mr. Ajay Sharma, during his address, also made a point by saying that exclusions and inclusions of trades and occupations in the SOLs of Australia carry numerous benefits since Aussie government is able to prioritize the selection process – it is able to limit the occupations that can be available for immigration.

This, as per many, has been hailed as a great step since the people waiting on the other side of the immigration counters can now apply for immigration – if their occupation appears in the SOLs, without worrying for the annual quotas running out before their applications reach the fruition stage.

The Review

Elaborating an in depth in view about the Australian SOL updating system, Mr. Ajay Sharma said that the system was carried out in two phases: the first phase involved, evaluating the long, medium and short term requirements – that meant those occupations, in which the local labor pool was experiencing a widespread scarcity of skills, and the time taken to raise home grown workforce.

The second phase involved finalizing the facts if the inward migration would be able to benefit the local economy. If the skilled immigration was unlikely to create a surplus of migrant workers, the occupations are included in the independent skilled immigration program.

The New Skilled Occupations List that would drive the independent skilled Immigration program

Continuing the old tradition of keeping the program relevant and adaptive to the changing requirements, the Aussie government has made substantial changes in the skilled occupations lists for 2016 – 2017. It has removed several occupations from the SOL w.e.f. 1 July 2016
•    Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum) (ANZSCO 233611)
•    Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO 233612)
•    Metallurgist (ANZSCO 234912)
•    Environmental Health Officer (ANZSCO 251311)
•    Occupational Health and Safety Adviser (ANZSCO 251312)
•    Dental Hygienist (ANZSCO 411211)
•    Dental Prosthetist (ANZSCO 411212)
•    Dental Technician (ANZSCO 411213)
•    Dental Therapist (ANZSCO 411214).

The applicants, as per Abhinav, would not be able to place their requests for the federal skilled immigration program fuelled by subclass 189 – federal permanent visa.

To keep the skilled migration scheme up to date with the current requirements, the Australian authorities have included following occupations into the SOL for the SkillSelect program for 2016-17. The trades codes appended to the Sol include:
•    Orthotist or Prosthetist (ANZSCO 251912)
•    Audiologist (ANZSCO 252711).

The inclusions and exclusions of the occupations from SOL, as per the spokesman, were unlikely to affect the premise and functioning of the CSOL (consolidated occupations list) – that guide the sponsored immigration schemes.
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