As per a report, the Labor Party of Australia is being duly warned that offshore oil rigs could be threatened if the proposed amendments to the foreign worker visas--like the 400 and 457 visas--go ahead. Recently in the Australian parliament the party presented proposals to revoke the visas of the overseas employees, engaged in the oil and gas business.

Allegedly, those against the proposals assert that such a move could lead to the shutdown of vital components of the industry sector, costing a great deal of money; in fact, to the tune of 100s of millions, and wreaking substantial reputational harm on the country.

Dismissing such fears, the Labor Senator, Kim Carr reportedly proclaimed that he planned to carry on with a disallowance motion, under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 (LIA). This motion is basically an action that may lead to improvements in the law.

In case successful, the motion would result in certain facilities--such as oil and drilling rigs--being made powerless to hire the workers from abroad on the exceedingly skilled 400 or 457 visas. Carr declared that he will continue with the motion with the reason being the cases of exploitations of the 457 visa programme have been rampant.

457 Visa Amendments Will Cause Big Difficulties for Oil & Gas Segment, Economy

In the backdrop of the reported fact that more than 200 billion dollar worth of projects are presently running or about to begin, the offshore oil and gas segment fears that Carr's disallowance motion will lead to expensive delays to removal, exploration and construction movements.

The disallowance motion arrives when the Maritime Union of Australia--a body that represents more than 10,000 of the nation’s sea employees--is pursuing a High Court challenge to oppose administration visa proposals in the oil and gas field.

Plans to drive out workers from abroad from the business come in the aftermath of a ferocious drive started by the Labor Party and many unions the last year, fighting the labour provisions in the landmark China free-trade deal, which witnessed labour-market testing provisions done away with, and the obligatory skills evaluation being ended.

In Case Australian 457 Visa Changes Oil and Gas Rigs Could Go Away

Allegedly, stopping the sector from utilizing overseas workers will result in unnecessary holdups, harm Australia's global standing, compel domestic drill workers to discontinue work, and lead to rigs exiting the nation.

Each and every one of the six or seven offshore drill rigs that are presently running off the coast of the nation would have more than a few international migrants involved under the 400 or 457 visas. These are key senior persons who travel through the globe with the rig.

In case those junior personnel are powerless to offer their professional services because the regulation has been disallowed, the subordinate Australian drill crew cannot do the same either. It would be unattainable to obtain an Australian employee to work those particular rigs even while the rigs would have to leave the country.

Sharing a similar feeling, the incumbent Australian Immigration Minister reportedly portrayed the actions of the Labor Party, to prohibit the rule, as totally rash.


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