Australian Immigration Employees Strikes Lead to Further Disturbances at International Airports

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The demands of the agitating Australian immigration officers, allegedly related to payment and work conditions, are perhaps not being met in the country. No wonder, they are again planning to air their grievances using the tried and tested method of strikes.
Yes, this is true! If you are planning to visit or leave Australia shortly, then this news report will certainly not much please you! Guests arriving and leaving from the different international airports in the country reportedly face more strikes as the immigration and border force workers take on yet a new round of strikes associated with a long running pay and conditions disagreement with the administration.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) members, who offer their professional services for the Australian Border Force (ABF) and Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), will participate in a 24 hour strike on August 12 even while the same may postpone international journey.

It is the first strike in the drawn out row since the Australian Administration won a Fair Work Commission decision stopping industrial action for three months, on the ground that the fanatics or criminals may take advantage of the exhausted staff figures through a strike.

Immigration Australia has been duly informed that the personnel comprising the Border Force officials will leave the job from midnight on August 12 at the different international airports, ports and other places around the nation.

Against this backdrop, the leaving and landing passengers on the various international flights would do well to permit more time, and be suitably prepared for the probable delays through the industrial activity.

The good news, however, as per the CPSU national secretary, is that the strike action would not influence the personnel involved with the intelligence and counter terrorism.

She elucidated that the CPSU members are fully committed to national security and safety even while this CPSU action has been tailored to guarantee those are not compromised in any manner. The union has over 50 decided exemptions in place for certain regions, like counter-terrorism & intelligence officials.

Justifying the action of the agitating workers, she stated that the strike mirrors the irritation that keeps on ballooning throughout the Commonwealth public field. The involved persons have been battling for over two years now as the administration, led by Turnbull, allegedly sought to take back their rights, conditions and take-home wages.

As if to assuage the fears that the action may go against the national interests, she reportedly stated that despite the fact that, much like the previous strikes, the effect of this action is possible to differ from one place to another, it could cause delays for the global air travelers.

Irrespective of the Border Force’s contemptuous methods in the Fair Work Commission before the election, the involved members are fully devoted to national security even as their action will not harm the safety and security of the travelers in any manner, she concluded.


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