As per a report, overseas citizens in Australia--to take care of the youngsters below the age of 18--are being duly told again that they it is compulsory that they apprise the concerned authorities of any change of position.

Reportedly, individuals with a Subclass 580 Guardian Visa have some specific conditions added to their visa, to guarantee that the nominated student is not denied proper welfare arrangements at any point of time since they happen to be below 18 years.

Though they have the right to gain admission and leave Down Under through the term of the visa, they are not allowed to go away from the nation, minus the nominating student, unless different welfare arrangements are suitably made.

As per the direction from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), in case the visa holder requires going away from Oz, minus the nominating student, they ought to offer proof.  The same can comprise the truth that there are genuine or compelling reasons for doing it, that appropriate alternative arrangements for the lodging, general wellbeing and support of the student is obtainable until the holder comes back.

It is essential that every alternative welfare arrangement is duly sanctioned by the DIBP and the education provider of the student. One ought to talk about his specific situations with the education provider as soon as he knows that he may require making a journey, stated a DIBP spokesperson.

He elucidated that there are two manners people can make substitute welfare arrangements.

Either they can offer nomination to a different student guardian who must be--with the exception of limited situations--a parent or family member aged 21 years or above.


The education provider of the student can take the task for their welfare by giving a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter which will specify the start and end dates for the sanction of the welfare arrangements.

The spokesperson added that the DIBP will advise in case the alternative welfare arrangements have been duly permitted. In case welfare arrangements are not deemed appropriate, it will not be possible for the visa holder to depart from the country, minus their nominating student. In case the visa holder fails to fulfill the terms & conditions of his Guardian Visa, his visa could be revoked even as the DIBP could also terminate the visa of the nominating student.

Individuals--who are expected to receive a Guardian Visa--comprise either a parent or person who has officially permitted custody of the student, or a family member who has nomination from either a custodian or parent of the student.  It is mandatory that the candidate is not less than 21 years and in a position to make housing, general welfare and additional support available to the student.


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