In what could be called a rather positive development--from the perspectives of the migrants to Australia--Canberra has reportedly started a new migrant workers taskforce in the country, to guarantee that the manpower from abroad is protected from abuse by the unprincipled recruiters/firms. The taskforce will proffer expert recommendation on the different steps that will deliver enhanced protections for the foreign employees.

As per Michaelia Cash, the in-office Australian Minister for Employment, the taskforce will boost the administration’s attempts to clamp down on the recruiters/firms seeking to exploit migrant labor force and deliver superior protections for each and every employee.

She added that many new high-profile cases, where vulnerable migrant workers have been underpaid and exploited at work, have revealed intolerable gaps in the system. Even as the administration admits that most of the recruiters/firms do the right thing by their employees, the government will not bear mistreatment in the Australian places of work.

The minister also reportedly indicated that the abuse of the migrant manpower impacts a chain of businesses, and in new cases it has become apparent that some recruiters/firms have unashamedly ignored their duties under the Australian law.

Allegedly, the revelations of abuse inside some 7-ELEVEN franchises underlined the requirement for further protections for the employees and higher punishments for those discovered to have contravened the workplace laws.

The taskforce will keep an eye on the progress of the 7-ELEVEN in setting right its breaches but will also be tasked with discovering the regulatory & compliance errors that have led to such cases of extensive abuse.

According to Cash, the taskforce will also support valuable ongoing alliance between agencies to guarantee that the attempts to get rid of mistreatment and abuse work.

She also indicated that migrant employees make an important contribution to the nation even as it’s crucial to make certain they keep on seeing Down Under as a wonderful place to study, make a trip to, and do a job there in.

Cash added that it’s an open secret that the foreign manpower is potentially more vulnerable to cruel practices, and this is the reason why there’s a pressing need to introduce stronger steps to duly continue the honor of their working experience in the country.

During the year gone by, the administration also set up the Ministerial Working Group on Protecting Vulnerable Visa Holders, to create policies to protect weak migrant workers in the nation.

Cash further reportedly stated that other steps are being taken to clamp down on the recruiters/firms which underpay the employees and who do not maintain the right employment records. A fresh higher penalty class of ‘serious contraventions’ will be brought in, even as it will be applicable to any recruiter/firm that has deliberately ripped off employees, despite the size of the recruiter/firm.


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