Against the backdrop of the recent cases of terror strikes in Paris and elsewhere, the Government of Australia is allegedly committed to wiping out the threat, and containing the spread of the influence of technology-driven terror master minds on its young minds.
As per a report, a large number of individuals in Australia are presently being examined for probable links to terrorism even while they could lose their citizenship. Canberra has brought in legislation that denotes that the citizenship of dual nationals could be cancelled in case they have been found associated with terrorism activities or discovered to be a member of a terrorist linked group.

Peter Dutton, the in-office Australian Immigration Minister, has reportedly substantiated that the Australian Security Terrorist Organization (ASIO) is carrying-out 400 high priority probes, and roughly 190 of these are individuals in the country who may be involved in maintaining terrorism kind actions, via financial support.

The minister indicated that in case people are dual nationals and they have been associated with terrorist goings-on, then they are likely to lose their citizenship. Though the government would not make people stateless, it would look at individual cases so that it may practically deal with a risk that one faces in the nation.

Dutton added that this is a very major threat as several young people are being programmed online, and by people of authority within the Australian public, even while parents are rather appalled at the notion that their young son or daughter could be radicalized online, inside a matter of just a few weeks, and after that go to battle in the name of this terrible body.

The minister also reportedly disclosed that the Citizenship Loss Board has begun its work, even as it first met in the month of February of 2016. The same will reflect on individual cases that have been worked on through several organizations.

In case individuals possess dual citizenship, then they can return to their nation of birth or their nation of first citizenship; however, Australia’s been exceptionally clear, as has been Britain and several additional nations. Oz has no interests whatsoever to put up with this kind of radicalization, and the administration’s been exceedingly clear, the minister elucidated.

The first priority of the Australian Government is to keep the nation’s borders fairly safe, to keep the Australian public safe, even as the nation faces an unparalleled threat from terrorism, and it requires checking and controlling that. In case people are involved in terrorist movements, then they can look forward to serious results. They will not be spared and dealt with an iron hand.

Every national expects their administration to do whatever the latter can to keep the borders secure and the communities safe, and that has been an absolute priority of the incumbent rule.

The present government is awfully proud of the truth that it has been in a position to put added resources into Australia’s intelligence agencies, the nation’s law enforcement organizations, and its border agencies also, the minister signed-off.


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