The New Year is just about to arrive, and Australia already has a surprising news for you to kick start December. The nation has decided to welcome overseas students and skilled workers, after relaxation from following some of the most strict pandemic based travel restrictions.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews as she announced the news stated excitedly that "Australia is re-opening to the world” and also added that this was “yet another step forward for Australia” The lifting of these travel-based restrictions by the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison led to a sea of travel bookings for the southern hemisphere summer.

The sector which advocated the maximum for the relaxation of these stringent travel restrictions hailed from the university. As per Universities Australia, an industry group, 130,000 international students still remain out of the nation because of this move by the Government of Australia.

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It was in the news that many Asia based students instead of paying for Australian online courses were choosing to study in person in the United States or Europe for that matter. There are still some Australian states which need quarantine, vaccinated Australians, some visa holders, and citizens of Japan, South Korea and Singapore can now visit Australia once they are in possession of the pre-departure negative Covid-19 test.

It was the business groups which has lobbied really hard for those holders who are vaccinated to be permitted to return to Australia. This was because there was an inherent struggle for filling up the designated jobs for overseas skilled workers for the start a third-year adept of restrictions.

After all Australia via its immigration-based pathways of Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) and Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190) beckon skilled workers as well those who have the skills and potential to fill labour gaps to come to Australia as permanent residents at large. Need to know more Australia immigration updates? Get in touch with our certified immigration consultants by ringing us at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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