The charm of Australia continues to mesmerize the world. No wonder, the nation keeps on witnessing a continuous rise in the number of visitors every year.
As per the available statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), an unprecedented number of people made a trip to the country during 2015, up 8% on the preceding year even while the next year is also likely to witness an increase in tourist arrivals.

A rise in the figures from India, China, Britain and the US was registered, with impressive growth in visitors making a trip for a holiday and also to get together with family & friends.

According to the ABS, people are also spending more even as international spending headed north 18%, reaching a combined total of 36.6 billion dollars.

The facts also illustrate that arrivals from every of top 15 inbound markets and the leisure section continued to be rather upbeat with holiday arrivals up 10% and groups calling friends & relatives up 7%.

Impressive growth was seen in holiday visitor arrivals from major source markets with a rise of 27% from India, 22% from China, 15% from the US and 12% from Britain.

In the same way, expenditure increased for majority of the top markets excluding Italy & Japan, down 2% each while total spend for the fourth quarter of 2015 quarter rose 21%--the most striking quarter in the year.

While China keep on being the strongest performing market, in terms of spending, up 45% to 8.3 billion dollars, spending by the tourists from India rose by 38% to 1.1 billion dollars.

In addition, despite major cut backs in direct aviation capability, Malaysia registered positive improvement in the visitor spend, up 7% and on the whole, leisure spend recorded robust improvement of 16% in 2015.

According to Tourism Research Australia, global tourists will live 300 million-plus nights in the different cities of Oz, and 78 million nights in regional areas by 2024-2025. The same shows an average yearly increase of 5% from the year ending June 2016 & June 2025.

Air tourist growth obtained a robust boost from lower air fares in 2015, on average they were 5% lower, vis-à-vis in 2014. With 10.5% growth year on year Middle Eastern airlines registered the fastest increase, in the process, amounting to 14.2% of traffic, going beyond the US at 13.4%.

Allegedly, the continued decline in oil prices would proffer additional spur for air travel growth in 2016. While some specific air routes are growing, others are not and declining.
Looking ahead reportedly there will be an increase of air services between Australia and Canada with an additional 3,000 seats between the latter and the four top global doorways of Oz, including Melbourne & Brisbane.


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