A major path to a life in Australia for the seekers of refuge seems to have been blocked amid allegations that the federal regime has sanctioned only some temporary visas for which 2000 persons have submitted an application. While the Labor has heavily criticized the failure of the government to process onshore refuge hunters as ham-fisted, the Greens assert the regime, in no way, planned to follow through on the plan.

It has been one-and-a-half year since Scott Morrison, the incumbent immigration minister, reportedly proclaimed that the supposed "illegal" boat arrivals would be denied permanent protection, as he sought to re-launch temporary protection visas--a rather contentious Howard-era step that the Labor put an end to way back in 2008.

The strategy included temporary Safe Haven Enterprise Visas, or SHEVs, which would have a validity period of 5 years and necessitate the refugees to work or enroll for study courses in regional areas. The minister stated the development would fill regional job openings.

Though nearly 2000 persons have submitted an application for the SHEVs, the office of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton did not reveal how many had really been proffered.

While an educated guess from the Refugee Council of Australia puts the figure to roughly 20, Dutton's office did not disagree with the number. His office would also not declare the number of temporary protection visas given, and the Refugee Council claims the number is also not very high, regardless of the 1400 petitions being presented.

In case neither permanent nor temporary protection visas are being offered to asylum hunters it leaves them rotting for an indefinite period in detention, facing a vague destiny. Allegedly, the time asylum hunters spend in the many detention centres of Oz has hit a historic high under the present government as detainee processing times balloons.

Meanwhile, a concerned critic stated that the government's inability to process onshore refuge hunters was a disgrace and it is leaving people in continuous midpoint. It is presently the indescribable tale of the Coalition administration's incompetence in handling those searching for refuge

Echoing a somewhat similar feeling, another detractor reportedly stated that the regime was "never serious" about giving the visas even as the crossbench senators had been tricked into backing the administration's legislation. She added that one should treat others in the manner one would wish to be treated, and that denotes one ought to providing appropriate, permanent shield to the needy ones.

In a related development, the Refugee Council chief executive declared that his body does not offer backing to the temporary protection visas even as the SHEV-holders would be shifting to regional societies with few settlement services, like English language support, for instance.


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