The charm of Australia--in the eyes of migrants--may allegedly be coming to an end what with a good number of visitors to the destination leaving it after residing there in for a couple of years. Significantly, for every one migrant who arrives in the country from abroad three depart from Down Under. Yes, this is the discovery of a new research!  
Since long, Australia has enjoyed widespread acceptance and popularity the world over amongst the expats, particularly from Britain, but a new study hints that the tendency could be undergoing a change as three persons go away for every one that landed.

The movement is predominantly marked in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, and Queensland with on the whole some 76.1% of enquiries with international removals firm MoveHub arriving from these specific states. The people presently residing in Australia typically choose to shift to other English speaking nations, like Britain, Canada, the US, New Zealand, and Ireland, for instance.

The report hints that the association of Oz--in particular with Britain and New Zealand--makes it rather easier for the nationals of Australia to reside and do a job in these specific regions, which is component of the factor they are a major portion of shifting overseas enquiries.

The same indicates that acquiring an UK Ancestry Visa is reasonably straightforward for the nations of Commonwealth, such as Australia, as long as a person has the link back to the UK. The association of Down Under with New Zealand enables the citizens of Australia to stay in work across the Tasman Sea more effortlessly and smoothly, vis-à-vis in other nations.

Key grounds for shifting may be high the cost of residing in Australia, in relation to the US or UK on a country level, in spite of the Australian dollar taking a dip recently.

The stress-free lifestyle associated with Australia is one that some people from abroad cannot adjust to appropriately, as per the lately returned professional expats. Missing family back home is an additional factor some individuals are departing, post six to 15 years for their preceding home nation.

The report indicates that there are more men shifting to the Northern Territory, vis-à-vis any other state in Down Under, with NSW, Queensland, & Victoria drawing more women from out of the country than men, as per the statistics furnished by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The people born in the UK form the biggest group of those shifting to the Kangaroo Land during the year gone by with more than 1.2 million and 5.1% of the entire Australian people; and this in fact is a decrease from 5.5% in 2000 & 5.4% just the preceding year.


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