Quick and easy? Well, yes that is how easy the process of immigration to Australia shall be for skilled professionals who wish to come and settle in this nation. Also, steps towards the retention of overseas students shall be taken as well.

An overhaul of the immigration system was announced by the Australian government to scale up the speed of entry for highly skilled professionals thereby making the route to permanent residency in Australia hassle-free and smooth.

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The current points system said the federal Labour government that is used to choose skilled migrants which is also known as the points test shall be modified to recognise people with the right skills sets required by the Australian economy to further grow and advance.

In a speech made by Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil at the National Press Club, he was quoted as saying "Our migration system is broken. It is failing our businesses, it is failing migrants themselves. And most importantly, it is failing Australians. That cannot continue,"

Australia wants to move ahead at the same pace as Canada or Germany to attract skilled immigrants as there is a rise in demand for working individuals aggravated by an aging population in these nations.

There shall be a super simplification of the visa process for highly skilled professionals with an increased focus on retaining students from all over the globe. Those temporary skilled workers who were refused to apply for permanent residency can do it at the end of the year.

During September 2022, Australia upped its bar when it comes to the intake to 195,000 this financial year, up by 35,000, to provide relief to businesses experiencing a shortage in skilled worker staff and promised more staff as well as funds through speedy visa processing.

The Australian government from 1st July, shall level up the migrant wage threshold of temporary skilled workers to $70,000 ($46,250) from $53,900, which was stagnant at the same place since 2013. Almost 90 percent of all full-time jobs in Australia are now well-paid and are greater than the existing threshold. 

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