The so-called second class citizens of Canada are on the verge of losing their prized and the much sought after citizenship. If you are not a Canadian by birth, you are at a great risk. Yes, it’s a fact!

Career in the nation is positively one of the best choices that one may make. In case you wish to settle down with a decent job, then a job in the nation offers you with numerous rewarding opportunities that you may utilize, though in the proper manner. In case you possess the right documents and the cause, then you can as well be qualified to get citizenship.

Acquiring Citizenship

It is possible to get citizenship, if:

  1. You have obtained your work permit, via receiving a job from a Canadian recruiter/firm.
  2. You are discovered to be entitled for the three Skilled Worker Schemes, which employ those who successfully sail through the Express Entry Pool for citizenship.
  3. You have wedded a person having the citizenship of the Maple Leaf Country, who will give you sponsorship to reside in the nation.

Ottawa has reportedly made several laws to safeguard the rights of its citizens. It is courtesy the rising threats of terror campaigns & fraud practices. There is no dearth of the cases of false weddings of terrorists as well, who allegedly get citizenship to wipe out the nation’s developments.

Second Class Citizens

New changes have been brought that term the ones who are not the nation’s citizens by birth as second class citizens. These people are basically those who have dual citizenship or Canada citizens who have the ability to receive the nationality of a new nation, in the future.

Latest Change

The latest immigration law that has been released lately reportedly states that the second class citizens can lose their citizenship. As per the latest regulation, the Canadian citizens who are not at risk of losing their status are the ones who are either born in the Maple Leaf Country and who do not have the nationality of any other nation, or are qualified to submit an application for a new one.

It says that those--who received citizenship earlier via employment in the nation--could lose the same anytime, staying for long long-term in the country notwithstanding. Even those who are born in the Maple Leaf Country could be reportedly termed as second class citizens, in case they have a nationality of a different nation.

There are several arguments concerning the subject, one stating that the law shows that the administration is keen to end dual nationality citizens, thanks to their lack of contribution to the nation. Ottawa though claims that it would be a good tool to prevent cases of terrorism and frauds. Not only this, it will also safeguard the rights of the Canadian citizens.


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